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Phoenix Wing Fiction

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I hope you are all enjoying my stories.  If you decide to write some yourself please allow Methos or myself to read it prior to posting.  If they are in the spirit of phoenix wing we will ask you to post it here if it not phoenix wing we can start a new thread.  But please do continue to add to our fan fiction it is fun.  If you have a story idea and/or want your handle in a phoenix wing idea and do not feel up to writing it yourself feel free to send me a message. 


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Yeah racing and me! I'm honoured thanks Calien!



​It was a fun story to write thanks for the idea outline you and Mark gave me some awesome inspiration with that one

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22Actual works so well in the Story, I actually  (see what I did there) thought it was just made up for it not a members name.

You almost got me keeping my Connie but the Orion pull is just too much for a mining player :)

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I think i am just going to explode and then come back to life.


​I would not test it out if I were you. It might have some (un)expected results (depending on what you are expecting) that might not be the greatest of ideas.

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Thanks flames we are going to have a great lot of fun in the PU.

The wing will have its own events too and we can invite other players into the org to come join. Its about bring people together and to avoid people from feeling not apart of the org. 

I would show some more concept are for the wing but i cant put anything on this forum that is low then 40.96kb

which is annoying iam going to ask 22. 

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Oh flames if you want a phoenix wing signature please let me know?

​Any chance you could do an industrial wing emblem and sig. I cant design for poop and wouldnt have a clue how to either. My side will be mining salvaging and hauling. And I would love to have something to show off in the RSI forums for TAC Industrial Division


Sorry for off topic ...awesome reads :)

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Spydz i would actually speak to 22 Actual he can help you with that. He is on ts alot you should come online and chat to him

​Im still waiting for my internet connection in my new home, should hopefully be installed early Marchthough i doubt it as ive been waiting since July 14 >< useless BT Openreach. Currently i am having yo use mobile data to get onto the forums etc which is slow and expencive.

As soon as i get connected you will be fed up of seeing me hhaha (on sick atm after a back operation) till i return to work.


But yeah I will speak with the great (although he did kill someone) retired racer himself that shall be known as 22Actual :)

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My escape pod drifts silently from the now dead hull of my home the Banu merchantman ‘Goroka’.  I am too scared to even activate the locator beacon.  I am far too close to the raiding swarm of the Koronis Asteroid Field.  I have heard of these dragonflies stealing incredibly large ships.  I never thought I would experience it.  Hell I hardly believed it a swarm of motorcycles taking massive multi-crew vessels.  I am hurt and with the pods systems on silent I am so very cold.  I set the computer to navigate out towards the nearest jump point.  There it will send a coded message to the Organisation.  I need a rescue.  I find the solace of sleep.  As I am so cold, it comes easier than it should but there I can dream of my life before rebirth.


2 years earlier

I wake with the first light of dawn.  I am entangled in the sweet scent of a woman.  Wait that is two women.  I cannot help but smile.  I have no idea what actually happened last night.  I slide from the bed and stagger to my studio.  The service drone has coffee ready.  Better than any wife a good service drone makes meals, cleans and does not judge.  Perfect for a life of creative self-destruction.   

Last night’s gallery opening started like they all do.  Rich spoiled fools from Stanton come to see my works here on Vega II.  My images are physic transcriptions of memories.  The technology is leading edge the imagery previously unknown in UEE space.  I tried for years to succeed in the arts world.  It was a Banu connection that sold me the technology.  The imaging machinery requires a human to be mentally relaxed to interface successfully.  That was simple at first.  With the demands and stresses of success I can no longer interface with these machines without narcotics.


I long for an escape from the spiral of decay that all those living a life of creation and fame fall victim too.  The constant attention is taxing and the pressure to produce more amazing results leads to a self-destructive spiral.  So I sit in my studio enjoying the light of the Green sun as it rises past the Chlorine gas belt only visible at sun rise in March.  I will begin work soon and I will again rely upon the programmed loyalty of my service drone to ensure my Narcotic fury does not kill me.

I begin my works once more.

I awaken in my bed once more.  My drone placed me here no doubt.  Only something is off.  My vision is blurred, no the room is filled with smoke.  Fear tears from me the last dredges of sleep and intoxication leave my mind in an instant.  The sobering effects of bone chilling fear.  I look around my apartment and find that the most of it is on fire.  My drone is attempting to clean the carbon marks of laser fire from the kitchen walls.  The Vanduul have attached Vega II.  The UEE said it would never happen that the border patrols were impassable.  Why did we believe?  My life’s work is destroyed.  My city is on fire.  I crouch in the corner confused and alone.  So very alone.

There are no sounds of battle the raid is obviously over.  I vow at that moment to seek a life of my choosing.  I will travel the stars and see what is out there.  Not burn away in a studio awaiting the next Vanduul raid.   



Calien leaves via the service door.  As scary as that Bounty hunter is he is a necessary component to the Phoenix Wing.  I feel like a real phoenix at this time.  Rising from the ashes of defeat.  I have been reborn in fire and pain once before.  Now I feel I can do it once more thanks the wing and its unusual methods.  I asked the military for support and was told that military assets could not be spared for a lone hauler so far from Tactical Advance central space.



It has been several months since I was set adrift the lone survivor of a Banu merchant vessel.  I lived aboard the vessel painting the space I passed through.  Painting with oil on canvas is such an old fashioned method.   However in doing so I had found my peace.  In return for living on board the vessel was required to act as Human sales negotiator.  What was left of my fame and my humanity gave the ‘Goroka’ Banu family a period of great success.  I was adopted as a member of the family and could remain aboard the ancient merchantman for the rest of my life. 

Methos suggested I call upon Calien.  He can enact a Bounty mission to seek out and break this gang of Raiders.  He confirmed that my vessel is still in the asteroid field.   I was confused by that statement, “What do you mean my vessel?” I asked.

He smiled which is not a pleasant site with those plasma scars.  “You were adopted were you not?”

I suddenly realise what he is saying.  I am the last living family member of that merchantman.   The Banu pass these ships from family member to family member.  Few have ever been sold. 

My silence states all Calien needs to hear.  “I will recover your merchantman.  Methos will provide the contracts.  Say twenty percent for 2 years to phoenix wing.  I will take 2 percent for the same period.” 

I look at Calien he has a reputation for hunting a bounty till they are caught or killed.  No matter the risk once a job is taken it is completed.  He has taken some serious injuries in this time.  I cannot believe the next words I hear coming from my own mouth.  “I must come with you.  It is my ship I must ensure the correct burial honours are performed.”  What have I done I am no warrior.  I am an artist!

Calien looks slightly amused.  “Captain Arkx it is then.  As Captain of the Goroka Merchantman how would you like to proceed?”

We talk for hours into that night.  My initial fears of this formidable Bounty hunter fade.  I realise he is a man that likes order.  He seeks those that disrupt that order and he eliminates them.  My terms of service to Phoenix wing are negotiated and become far more manageable than the initial 20 percent.


Two days later I am sitting in the top turret of Calien’s Andromeda.  This ship has more patches than any other ship I have ever seen.   The cargo hold has been refitted with a Medical Station manned by Heshen.  An incredibly horrible medic that has the remarkable skills to save every single person to arrive on his table to date.  The rest is a ten man marine squad trained to board and hold a hostile vessel.   Calien pilots the vessel himself.  Status Zero is acting as executive officer he will be responsible for the missile payload.  The P52 has been slaved to a console operated on the bridge.


We enter the Asteroid field following the path I followed last time.  I am absolutely terrified.  I have a few hours practice firing a turret in a sim pod.  Now we plan on baiting a swarm of dragon flies.  Little is known about the gang.  They have reputedly made my ship there space station.  Unable to get her repaired they opted to live on it.  A sensor sweep of the hold will suggest a thousand, size one dumb fire rockets.  A haul Calien hopes will have them attempt to drag us into the ship.   I am tasked to shoot and kill as many bikes as I can.


The swarm does not appear until Goroka is clearly visible.  It drifts amongst the asteroids dark and broken.  My heart breaks and my resolve hardens.  I will avenge my lost companions.  I fire the twin Rhino’s like a seasoned pro.  The fight lasts only 10 minutes.  Calien manages to twist and roll the Andromeda allowing the guns and missiles to work to good effect.  We have taken a beating but many bikes float in our wake.  The P52 Merlin explodes before us.  The blast disables our shields.  I see my own ship power up before us only 500m away now.  The bikes having corralled us into her range.   The ship fires a blast and the shock leaves us powerless floating towards the gaping hold of the Banu Merchantman. 


We are dragged into the empty hold of my stolen home.   I am terrified how Calien can look so confident.  Status is working upon a console I am not sure of his intent.  I am trapped in the turret without power to lower the seat. I begin to crank the emergency seat controls.  Heshen yells up at me from below.

“Hey Captain Arkx, stay in your positon get ready to cover the marines you fool.” 

“But I have no power”, I scream panic beginning to take hold.  How can they be so calm we have been disabled and pulled into the belly of the beast?  Without power we cannot deploy the marines we will be overrun.  We have failed to take the enemy our ship was disabled before we got close.

Heshen is laughing as he returns to his seat in the Bridge.



The ship clunks down inside the hold the doors begin to close.  I cannot think straight my heart is racing, I begin to struggle to breathe.  The lights illuminate inside the hold and an entire squad of bikers stand outside preparing to take our ship.  I can see gas injectors.  We will be poisoned. Where we sit. 

“Weapons Free!” yells Calien.

I stop breathing, then my weapons begin firing.  I am crushing the controls in my panic.  I breathe and time seems to slow.  I rotate the turret and fire into the pirates.  Size 4 weapons are brutal upon personnel.  The deck is still nothing moves only carnage remains.   Our marines are running into the depths of my Ship.  Lead by Gloin in the heaviest Mech suit I have ever seen.    Eljay with his team of light marines follows.  They have a reputation for taking ships quickly with limited losses.

Several hours later I am at the helm of my Ship the Goroka Merchantman.  We are limping toward Stanton.  Most systems remain offline.  I need to get this ship repaired.  Gloin is in the Medical deck with Heshen. His armour burned black, blood trailing along the floor as they dragged him away.

“Well Arkx how does it feel to be a real captain?” Eljay asks. 

I look at him leaning by the huge bridge view screens.  He is relaxed comfortable.  A legend of the Tactical Advance Marines. 

“I am not sure yet.  I was told the Military could not spare any resources to help me this far out.  What are you doing here if I may ask?”

“Calien called in a favour for previous Phoenix wing joint operations.”

Calien and Status left as soon as the battle was over.  They are not inclined to remain for the slow trip home. 

Eljay’s marines march into the bridge and take a console each.  The controls are working the engines hum as power is restored.  They have gotten the ship running somewhat.  We jump into quantum drive.  I fall into the Captain’s chair.  Drained as the tension leaves me having left the asteroid fields behind. 

Eljay suggests I head to the Med bay and check on Gloin.  I feel my limited experience as a captain would interfere with the military precision of a genuine military squad.  I find Heshen drinking a tall glass of Stanton Fire Spirits.  A potent and rather noxious drink.  It has one purpose and does it well.

Heshen tips his glass to Gloin.  I look and after a seemingly endless time I see his chest rise in a deep slow breathe.  Heshen pours me a glass Fire spirits.  I sit on the other medical bay stool.  We do not speak for a few minutes.

Heshen looks at me seriously and says, “Arkx can you use a broken Tank and a bloodied and beaten Medical Officer.  It is time Gloin and I seek a simpler life than then military.  Gloin will not survive more hits like that I just replaced his heart with a cheap replacement till we get to a Hospital.”

Well it seems Phoenix has given us all a way to rise up from the ashes of our past woes.

Written by Craig Allen (Calien) 


Edited by Calien

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