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First build help

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Hello Citizens.

AKASHIC here and I'm completely new to PC gaming. Since first hearing about Star Citizen I was hooked straight away and knew this would be the game and year that i finally make the transition from console to PC gaming.
I've been looking into it all, and as you can imagine for a noob to say I'm overwhelmed would be an understatement so any help anyone on the forum can give it would be so greatly appreciated.

here's what i was thinking,

Intel core i5 4570 (4x3.2Ghz)
Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Gigabyte Z87-D3HP Mainboard
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz
Corsair 128GB SSD
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 4GB
Cooler Master CM 690 111 Case
Corsair CX 600W PSU

This comes to around £1000 which i can do but i have to purchase a monitor on top of this, also this is all from one site so if i shop around I reckon i could get it a little cheaper.

Someone replied to my post on another forum............

Scale up the cpu to the best i5 possible, The OEM i5 4670K is only £20 more and buy an aftermarket heatsink to keep it more quiet.

Offset the price difference by switching from 4Gb GPU to a 2GB one. 2GB is more then enough for gaming @ 1080p but please ask around in the forums as i'm not a great expert on GPUs.

Current games i play, don't much utilize more that 1.5Gb for me when running at 2560x1440p.
I assume you have built systems before? Aftermarket CPU coolers are about the most fiddly thing u will do after mounting the motherboard to the case.

Any views or input?

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to PC gaming, you wont look back!
The 4GB version of the GTX770 is a bit of a waste. I have read about people going over 2GB in Crysis 3 (Cryengine) at 1080p but apparently thats on max settings which is something the GTX770 cant handle anyway.
Don't worry about installing an after market cooler yourself, Its not that difficult and definitely worth it. Just try to find a few videos on youtube

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Hey man.

I want to start by stating that I don't consider myself the all-knowing PC master. I do however work at a custom PC retail store and I do believe I can help you quite a bit.

When you build a PC there are a few components that you won't want to cheap out on.
These are:
- Motherboard
- Graphics Card
- Power Supply

The list of parts that you mentioned seemed quite capable for a gaming PC meant to run a game like Star Citizen.

The one issue I seen was your Power Supply. The build quality in the CX series by Corsair is a bit cheap. I suggest at least something with an 80 Plus certification. That being said you can get inexpensive PSUs that are 80 Plus rated. Here's a list:
- Cooler Master i600/i700 80 Plus Bronze 600/700W
- Corsair TX650 80 Plus Bronze
- Stay away from Thermaltake if possible due to lack of reliable build components (12v CPU rail).

The Motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD all seem to be reliable parts and only you know if they fit your budget.

I hope I helped at least a little and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me a message.

Good luck,

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I would also look at AMD cards like the r9 280 or 290

This is true. They are generally less expensive and nVidia cards are not worth the extra cost for the small extra performance increase that they offer. Also, AMD offers MANTLE which I believe Star Citizen will support.\


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Thank-you for the help and insight guys, I may be in contact again via PM as i really want to get this right considering the outlay.
Part of me wants to wait nearer the time to look at newer spec but on the other hand i want to jump into the alpha and get busy with you guys, We'll just see how things pan out.
Thanks again I'm sure you'll be hearing from me soon enough anyhow :?

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