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So....what ship do you have?

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Hey guys,

I just thought it would be fun to have a poll on wich ships everyone owns so far. That would give some insight on maybe some roles people could fulfill atm (ofc that's aways due to change in the future). Anyway, I don't actually know how to make polls here but if someone does, please do so. If not, we can always post the ship we own and the plans for future ones...let me start:

Own: RSI Constelallation
Plans for the future: Get a smaller ship for dogfighting (still not sure wich one) and get the Retaliator as soon as it is available on the hangar. Down the road might get the Freelancer for resources and cargo runs, depending on what the Organization needs.


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Dan have made an spreadsheets please add your ships their instead http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/3964-tac-full-member-list-and-full-ship-roster/ 

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For the devs.... this might be of some use. http://cakes.a00.cc/ DrawAFleet! - New Ship Poster Maker will look like:

This will definitely change, but this is how it looks today.  

My list is basically changing every few weeks or so. Started out small and...well...things kinda escalated from there.  Currently on my accounts: LTI Carrack LTI Polaris LTI BMM LTI Javelin Sabre (6 m

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So far I have a Freelancer and I will be picking up a M50 thanks to Starwolf once they go on sale. I am thinking of also purchasing a Avenger or a Ghost. But then I am thinking I am not sure how long I want to wait due to how many other ships will go up for sale before the PU.

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I currently have an Origin 325a for the upcoming dogfighting module and escort. Even though I plan on playing as a bounty hunter and escort I don't plan on getting an Avenger. The look of the Avenger doesn't suit me and I'm just going to wait for some more ships to come out before I settle on my main bounty hunting ship.

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2x Aurora LN
Aurora LX
Aurora MR
F7C-M Super Hornet
Looking at maybe getting a F7C-S Ghost and or a F7C-R Tracker, Have not decided on which yet...
Added the M50 on April 25, 2014
Added the Freelancer MIS on June 07, 2014

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Currently have the civilian hornet for dogfighting and close support/escort for TA trading and exploration fleets.
I also plan on buying a constellation for multi purpose roles like the ones mentioned above except in a different role within the group like a dangerous exploration main vessel kind of like a battleship type role in military terms.
I personally would like to run search and rescue missions for the org. Police
I don't know if were doing this but I think running my Connie as a police mobile response kinda like a SWAT van in case someone goes rouge.
Any way there's my 2 cents
P.S. does anyone own an idris frigate?

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