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Karim Ghazala

Massacrist playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive Highlights

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@Aselwyn1 Steam Name ? I will add you when I am on.
@Armyninja48 Sure what is your steam name I can add you and we can go practice when I can.

​I know Aselwyn1's steam name is the same as his handle here, Aselwyn1. I don't know about Armyninja48 though.

I'm a GNM or MG1. So if you want to play sometime perhaps, you can add me. Steam user is the same as this one, MrAndyRog, same picture.

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Yes it is so annoying. It is even harder if they are someone you know or someone genuine. 

​as its quite simple to get level 5 with just a few cards or the piller of the community thing i think there no excuse for a actual human to not do it. it should not cost more then $1 and will make your profile so much better 

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