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  • If two players enter a new public instance as a team for Capture the Core or Squadron Battle, they will be put on opposing teams

This patch note might indicate that two players entering an existing public instance of SB might enter on the same team.

Who has the PTU? I absolutely need to test this!


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I'm on it and tested it for about 5-6 hours including Free flight and testing damage states with some fellow other Citizen, and to be honest i was rather big disappointed.

First of the lag, hit issue they had,

second the damage on shields i took 2-3 hits with repeaters on my Size 4 Mark Shield on my Superhornet and they where gone,

Third my Thruster/booster got damaged without being in a yellow or red state and my Ship drifted and rolled completely uncontrollable around,

and fourth those damn CS Missiles again (Tempest 2) 2 of them without even hitting me direct (strafed by and exploded near me) ripped my wings and back wings apart making my ship just to feel not Super anymore.

So i'll wait for the public release cause for my part it was no fun at all ;-( 

but I don't know if they make some small fixes in PTU, maybe then i'll gonna test again but i rather wait for the public release, and upcoming fix patch cause i think they will not be able to fix/balance all those issue at once but i really hope so.

(if you really want to test it i will be available the whole day tomorrow in TS or lets say today (cause its already 00:48 at my place) in the early afternoon on 02.05.

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I've just started the PTU Client and it's downloading about 10GB+ of Data so it seems they fixed some things. 

After the download i'll start testing again, and give further Feedback on the RSI Forum.

(i'll try to add you on the PTU Contact List if you want to Test some Squadron Battle, for testing the Team you wanted to do.)



So there has been an Update to PTU v 1.1.2 v.2 

​I could finish the whole tutorial without any Problem.

The only major problem i noticed are those random game freezes (need to kill the SC task) i get sometimes after a few minutes or just by joining a Match.

There also seems still some Lag issues, i can't tell anything new yet cause i only tested it for about an hour, i'll try to provide more info after spending some more time in it.

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I've been using nothing but the PTU recently for mucking around.  Doesn't use any of my ROMS (if I don't need to use them) and tends to run more smoothly because of the decreased server load.  I'm not sure on the lag front.  I haven't hit much, and tend to have less.  I know I recommended using it while the PTU is available if we want to just meet up for some free flight or scrimmaging, due to the latter reasoning.

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Hi everyone!

We'll be bringing the game servers down in at 1115am CDT/415pm GMT to start the 1.1.2 publish to Live.

I'll be updating this post throughout the day with patch details, and full Patch Notes will be available later as well.

Thanks everyone!




EDIT: 1.1.2 is now live.

Players are now able to start patching. This is a large 20.8GB patch as many .pak files have changed.

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