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Phoenix wing all you wanted to know

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This looks great :) I like the clarification that it's not a military group. Being able to leverage our numbers within a sub-group of TA to quickly respond to needs in the community seems like a really cool idea.

I would like to toss my Lancer in the ring to fully support any and all Phoenix Wing activities! I am more than happy to help out the Wing in the Journeyman role. I stay pretty up to date on most updates and tactics in the game so I think I could be an asset in helping others along the way.

I'll hop on TS and try and find some sponsors. I'm hoping to attend the event tomorrow as well.

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It's a true privilege to be accepted is a member of Phoenix Wing. What a great idea, kudos to Mark, Status and Calien.

When my other responsibilities permit I will be thrilled to join my fellow members in combat, exploration and other endeavors as an apprentice.



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Hey everyone I have been on a four day working stint and am so happy to see the interest.  I know there have been a lot of people looking to join the wing that do not already have a tag.  Once we have created the first Masters this weekend things will progress faster.  The following couple of weeks will have those masters assign the first Leading hands and Journeymen. 

At this stage we can add more people to the group and build upon the foundations I have laid out for you all.  Please understand if you want to join us it will happen in due time.

I have been a little vague on the details of the how's and whys for the application of the group we have made and can expand on some things for you now.

I have mentioned a militia capability or Civil defence that is a possible way we can act in PU.  It is not the intention or even a focus.  It is more that if Tactical Advance is actively holding a PVP node such as a space station or a choice resource node and Malagos is needing more ships temporarily we could help him.   Because we have a group of friendly casual industry/exploration players.  We would look like the Irish conscripts rolling into battle for England in the brave heart movie.  Messy and just a huge number to bolster numbers.

Joining Phoenix wing does not mean you cannot join any formal elements within Tactical Advance.  In phoenix wing you are joining a group of players with similar ideas and fun in game. 

Some back story on the ranks is that these are the traditional levels for tradespersons in European history.  They are still used in some countries and the Stone Masons not so secret society still uses these trades levels to identify ranks.  As such to give some illusion of the exclusive and close bond we can have I stole the theme.  It also has a little dig at Mark as his original idea for the wing was a group of bored wealthy playboys using there 300 series ships as a weekend warrior vigilante squadron. 

The details will grow as the leadership is built and our numbers are increased.  I was deliberate to lay a foundation in the personality and depth that was planned skipping the details that need to be fleshed out by us the Phoenix wing.

The fun and power of the wing is that we can do as we please it is a common an fun idea for us to cooperate and help each other yet still maintain the freedom and casual gameplay many of us want. 

I would encourage any member to make there own groups and squadrons if they wish to have fun.  It could be Optix's idris crew for example.  Or Venn's Red squadron. 

If you like the ideas behind our little wing and wish to help us make it fun and engaging in the PU please read the stories and this post and get on the band wagon.



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What can I say about Phoenix Wing? 


It's a brilliant concept. 

So much synergy around it. I wanna be an explorer, with ships working together around a Carrack and a Starfarer a DUR a MIS a Super Hornet a 315p, a 325a, a Delta you don't know what is happening around the next jump point. maybe your friend need a punch help, maybe they need gas, or a bounty that is escaping, a Vanguard could be nice there, or the Org needs to replace some fresh marines for the wounded ones an Avenger could bring the fresh meat and take the surfer ones to a medic station aka Carrack modified.  

Thanks Methos for develop this concept. 

This is just my point of view.

Imagine how the others members can organize their resources (human and technical) when the Phoenix calls them.

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Thanks for that Axel I believe you like the idea of journeyman


Alpha you can join any division and those are your priority, PW will always be there for you to full back on and have fun with your friends when those division do not require you. Journeyman is a good place to be

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