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PTU Stress Test on 15 May 2015 at 8pm UTC

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Hi everyone!

We’re inviting all players to participate in a PTU stress test event this Friday, May 15, 2015 starting at 8pm UTC sharp! (An almost-global start time list per time zone is included at the bottom of this post.)

Come help us critically push PTU to its limits in 6v6 and 8v8 Squadron Battles as we look to analyze application performance down to the microsecond to see where we can make server-side gains and improvements. We need as many testers as is possible; your participation goes towards helping us make the BDSSE! 

Please note: This is NOT to test the updates that we are making for rubber-banding/freezing.


- Players will need to re-copy their account over to PTU.
- There will be a small incremental patch less than 20MB (that’s right… just twenty megabytes!).
- Both the patch and PTU are up right now, and players can copy their account over and start patching immediately.
- We’ll be dropping and restarting servers after each round to make game rule config changes, so we’re asking that participants join the PTU Chat Channel during the test period at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/chat. 


- To run diagnostics and gather metrics on our server application, specifically in analyzing where we can optimize our application for server-side performance gains.

What To Expect:

- A lot of fun helping us create data and metrics that we need!
- What it’s like to be a QA tester.
- What it’s like to shoot down a QA tester.
- A small 20MB patch.
- The same 1.1.2 performance we’ve been seeing, plus an additional spike or two during the 8v8 battles.

Schedule of Tests:

- 8:00pm UTC: 6v6 Squadron Battles (everyone plays one round with the Physics simulation on the main application thread)
- 8:30pm UTC: 8v8 Squadron Battles (everyone plays one round with multithreaded Physics)
- 9:00pm UTC: 6v6 Squadron Battles (everyone plays one round with multithreaded Physics)


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