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Whats your Star Citizen number?

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I backed on the original webpage when the kickstarter thing was all jacked up... it was a wordpress thing at the time, I think ignition or something like that. It was a simpler time, there was no FPS, and my Connie (there were no variants at the time) was some hand drawn sketches on paper. It wasn't at all clear whether or not the game was going to get made, but I was still stinging from a couple of pre-orders from actual publishers... my money going to CIG was equal parts "I love Chris Roberts" and "f___ EA."

Everyone uses "kickstarter backer" to try to indicate they were first, but the first iteration of the webpage (not kickstarter) had the ability to pledge... kickstarter happened because that first webpage was, kindly put, broke as f___. It was before Turbulent, and the website was frequently down, and even when it was "up" it wasn't ever really quite working. Subsequent iterations of the website have been absolutely fantastic, I mean, looking at the clean ui of the current website, the graphics, the feel of it... it's all just frickin magical. Anyways, there are plenty of people who backed at the same time or before kickstarter via the old, very broken webpage... iirc, at the time the kickstarter campaign ended, donations via the webpage were roughly equal to donations via kickstarter. 

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