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Kawaii Usagi no Dorobo-Neko (Mature Content)

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Kawaii Usagi no Dorobo-Neko

"(simply means Catseye in a bunnysuit)”




In 2945 somewhere in deep space there was an 890 Jump, a high end luxury  123m long space yacht, it’s owner “Huniken” was running an underground VIP club for unrestricted gambling far away from the jurisdiction of the UEE……no holds barred on gambling (you could even lose your freedom if you are not careful), his guests came and left, some left empty handed, some left with a haul of credits, the owner nonetheless is the greatest benefactor of this activity, he would organize the gambling activities for all his exclusive guests.  That happen to be invited into his secret club.  Known only as “Golden Fingers”.  He usually gets tributes from the winners.  As well the participation fees from the VIPs upon entry, usually in the order of 10% of the buy in. Gambling in the poker tournament, the winner also had to give away a 5% cut to the House.





Those who owe the house, lose their freedom.  They lose it until they repay their debt; by working for the house or until someone buys their debts.  When a debt is bought the persons must make terms with the new party to win their freedom.


Huniken’s 890 Jump is full of beautiful girls in various customs, mostly in bunny suits to entertain the VIPs during their gambling sessions or to serve them with drinks & snacks.  They also serve to distract players from winning against the house.  Even though Huniken is making huge profits, he still needed to pay the girls, the pilots and his body guards their salaries. The ship has to be maintained also, usually he gets his Star-G to refuel his 890 Jump once every 4 days to keep the tanks full. He has a special acquaintance with the CEO of Origin Jump works; Jennifer Friskers. She is actually one of his VIP customers; he gets a special maintenance crew every month to come to the 890 Jump to conduct monthly checks at a discounted rate. Huniken happens to also be a professional Murray Cup racer. He always enters his M50 in the races.  Occasionally requesting Jennifer Friskers to provide her best engineers to overclock and boost the performance before each event.  Huniken takes his time and utilizes every contact to squeeze more power out of the engines.


During one of the races, Jennifer Friskers happened to be there to personally check on her engineers while they were tuning the M50 for Huniken, prior to other customers.  The races always push the limits of the machines.  This means more support and greater profits to the company from the enthusiastic fans of the ORIGIN brand.


Huniken spotted a very beautiful mature lady working among the engineers who were tuning his M50, her name is Ruinay. Huniken asked Jennifer Friskers to let him have her onboard his 890 Jump for a few weeks, Jennifer Friskers initially hesitated.  However seen as Huniken invests a small fortune in Origin components.   She thought it best to keep a racer primed for victory, allowing Ruinay to enjoy the 890 Jump.


As the days passed, Huniken noticed how smart and attractive Ruinay is.  He offered her a very tempting deal, for her to work as waitress on his 890 Jump.  She accepted the offer, seen as she needed all the UEC she could get, including the tips from the VIP customers.


Huniken had many friends as well as enemies….this meant he had to store his precious items inside a secure room in a vault. Because Huniken likes Ruinay, one day he decided to show her one of his valuable items which is stored in his vault, which required a special key card to access.  Huniken kept this upon him all the times.


They both entered the secure room, he told her to look away as he opens the vault by punching in the code and using his finger print.  Huniken didn’t know that she is actually a professional thief, she had a Nano camera on her bunny suit tail, she recorded all the numbers….Huniken opened the vault, he showed her a special art collection from an artist named “Noysca” & a very unique ring.  Made from a rare metal that is transparent and light weight, it had a round yellow rock with white lines looking like the letters “TA”…..the rock itself is from an ancient civilization found in Sol system, Huniken told Ruinay that he found a nano chip with the ring, when he tried to decipher it, with an Eithgram computer, it couldn’t decipher much.  As it is nearly 930 years old, the only thing it gave away was “Tactical Advance<some garbage texts>find the ashes of the phoenix<some garbage texts>where the tactical dragons vanished a new life begins<some garbage texts>”.  Some coordinates in an unexplored location well beyond UEE space were included. Huniken mumbles something to himself and looks at Ruinay….”I think I will find a great treasure if I follow the coordinates from this chip!”


Ruinay said: “Oh what are the possibilities of it! It could be a priceless artifact!” 


Huniken replied:  “Yes, I’m positive, I’ll keep it in the vault to be safe for now…”


After a week, Ruinay was able to copy Huniken’s finger print at some point while he slept in his chamber.  Since she was the only one amongst the girls able to enter his private chambers.  As Huniken was a sleep, the guards allowed the favorite girls in because Huniken enjoyed a warm bed.


The final day, Ruinay contacted her sister from the coms room of the 890 Jump.  Hitomi is Ruinay’s younger sister.  She informed her to come pick her up within a few hours, she specifically told her to use a 300i for the operation so not to raise suspicions on her approach to the 890 Jump when she gets the signal from the tracker that Ruinay will fire using her Mobiglass.



Following the communication Ruinay returned to her quarters to don her Bunny suit.





 Once dressed, she went straight to business.  She takes some drinks on a platter and starts to serve the VIP’s. Because she is beautiful and sexy, some of the VIPs kept leering at her from afar, she was indeed distracting them from winning.





During her normal rounds, she saved the last drink for Huniken. When she approached, his coat hangs on the chair behind him.  He was very focused on his Poker game.  The stakes had never been higher, his own 890 Jump VS a Reclaimer and an Orion! As Ruinay puts the drink on the table, she leaned after that next to Huniken, SCENE3-LOW3caf39.jpg



She quickly slips two fingers into his coat pocket and draws out the security keycard without anyone noticing. Giving Huniken a kiss on his left cheek and wishing him good luck as she walks away, Huniken was So focused on the game he never notices that the card gone missing.  He looks intensely at his opponent and sweat rolls down his brow, so as his opponent’s brow.




Ruinay is already at the secure room, she uses the key card to open the door, and she punches in the code for the vault and used the stolen fingerprint data to unlock the vault. She takes the ring and replaces it with a small card. 





Giving the signal to Hitomi.  She quickly runs to the cargo bay and gets into a pressure suit, escaping through the cargo loader emergency hatch.  She finds the 300i waiting off the Starboard side.  She grabs onto it, then again throw another card through the emergency hatch  and Hitomi opens the gull door.  Ruinay gets inside the 300i and the doors are closed, Hitomi hits the afterburner and escapes the 890 Jump along with Ruinay into deep space.



Inside the 890 Jump, Huniken manages to win the poker game with a royal straight flush securing an Orion & a Reclaimer in the process. He suddenly notices his key card missing…the joy leaves his face and he yells for the guards.


“WHERE IS MY KEY CARD?!!!” All hell breaks loose as all the guests are searched by scanners, he gets nothing from them, he races to the secure room to find it open and the vault missing the ring…a Cats eye card sits in its place.  He notices Ruinay isn’t present.  He finally understands, he remembers it all.  How cunning a thief she is.  


Huniken did not need to worry, he is also a crafty man, he had a tracker embedded inside the ring, once he sent the tracker information to one of the “Herald” ships, he was able to find them through the network of info brokers who kept it tracked for him. 


Huniken decides to let her do all the work for him, then he’ll reap all the rewards once she finds the coordinates for that unknown system.  “I shall see her again on my terms”; Huniken said.


The words upon the cards hold in his mind a promise and a threat in one, “See you later handsome” & “Catch the cat if you can”. 




Written by: Huniken


Art done by: NOYSCA (His pixiv profile-Very Mature Content/NSFW: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=394647 )


Error Corrections: Calien




Edited by Huniken

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Great read and amazing drawings too. Thanks for posting and I look fwd to catching the cat 

​Thanks to Noysca-San he helped ALOT in bringing the story to life by his art work.

I'm sure I will bring in that cat to home one day, but not so soon ;)

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Think I would skin that cat and leave the carcass where I found it.

​Well, I have way different plans than yours....gotta see my contacts who needs a cat like that for a catch! ;) 

Bounty Hunting anyone?

Edited by Huniken

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indeed great story man! One of the best elements of Star Citizen. It triggers your imagination of space and the endless possibilities;-).

Cheers on the stories of great adventures to come and of course the Tactical Advance Storyline:D

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indeed great story man! One of the best elements of Star Citizen. It triggers your imagination of space and the endless possibilities;-).

Cheers on the stories of great adventures to come and of course the Tactical Advance Storyline:D

​Sure, maybe in August/September I will have done the 2nd part.

*Updated Photo of Jennifer Friskers*

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