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Game of Thrones. Don't Read if not Caught up!

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As a (partial) book reader, I can say that we can no longer spoil anything for those who only watch the show. Those who only watch the show get that "surprise" experience, my guess is that the producers wanted to share that experience with book readers. The show is becoming a more interesting take from the book than it already is, so looking forward to the next season.

And I say partial only because I read parts of the book, reading random bits like short stories.

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Personally, last episode made me drop the series. I liked the buildup, but the action is just boring to me.. After the Red wedding I had a hard time finding a reason to keep watching and the series just keeps making more unbearable to watch. After last episode it just got so bad that I have given up. Someone also told me some major changed they made that weren't in the book. Like how Stannis sacrificed his child, that didn't happen in the book and completely ruins Stannis as a character.. The dragon fight was also badly done with no logic behind it. If it happened like it did in the books, I could've accepted it, but this was just stupid. Also, why did they kill john snow? why not just leave him outside with the wildlings? why take them in and THEN kill him, makes no sense...

I'm sad I have to drop this, but for me, there is nothing worth watching it for anymore.

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I agree I feel the season was a bit rushed with no explaination. But the Jon Snow death does happen in the books.

Their are a few theories on how he will return. First off, many questions are still around that are related to Jon Snow. To say he is dead is to say that they are leaving many rocks unturned. For example who Jon parents really are, which is a huge theory that states he is a Targaryen.

Anyway! Looking at it beyond the books, I don't believe Game of Thrones can afford to kill more characters, considering they don't have many fan favorites left. Either way he will return to life. A theory is that he will be brought back by the red woman and that he transferred his mind to Ghost. The reason behind moving his mind to his animal, is because everytime a individual is brought back from the lord of light they lose a part of themselves. As stated in the show and the books. We also get a glimpse of Warg people. We know that the starks have came down from a line of Wargs and example even is Brandon. So the theory is that Jon moved his mind to Ghost and Melissandra will bring him back. BUT who knows =/

BUT I totally agree that the Dragon scene and everything going on over there is totally being rushed. Not sure if I like that one bit. Sadly though I believe game of thrones is what the most successful show money wise? Not sure.

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