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Greetings Citizens,

Earlier this year, Aegis Dynamics revealed the A3G Vanguard Warden to the civilian market. Today, two additional variants previously provided to the United Empire of Earth military are now available. The Vanguard is the Empire’s premiere deep space fighter, designed for maximum crew survivability on long-duration missions. The military treats the Vanguard as a robust platform capable of being modified for any number of missions. Today we are pleased to reveal the Vanguard Sentinel and the Vanguard Harbinger, two of the most popular Vanguard configurations ever to dogfight in deep space.

The Vanguard Sentinel and Harbinger are now available as concept pledges and the Vanguard Warden is available again for a limited time. The art and design teams at Cloud Imperium Game have spent time fleshing out not only specific roles for the variants but also the functional interiors for all three ships. You can see the results of this work below, with imagery of everything from the internal escape pod on the base Warden to the new electronic warfare equipment on the Sentinel. We’re extremely proud of the work that has gone into these ships, and we’re hoping you enjoy this further look under their hoods!

Click here for a LOT more info!!

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Goddamnit my streaming is interfering with my star citizen posting xD


That said, I NEED the Sentinel! it doesn't look that much worse than the Warden, its S5 gimbal is a S4 fixed, but it gets the jamming stuff which could be really helpful during escorts to stay hidden =3 And apparently it has bigger missiles! :o

On closer inspection its turret might have been turned into a radar turret with no guns... I'll buy the upgrade just in case. I'll CCU my Super Hornet into a Vanguard when it becomes flyable and keep the upgrade just in case I want to switch =3

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Great...I bought the BUKs for all 3 variants, I already have a Warden LTI but will get another vanguard in the PU. Might be a harbinger so I can use the warden kit and sentiel kit on one and change the other as well.

Add-Ons - Sentinel Battlefield Upgrade Kit$25.00 USD1$0.00 USD$25.00 USD
Add-Ons - Harbinger Battlefield Upgrade Kit$45.00 USD1$0.00 USD$45.00 USD
Add-Ons - Warden Battlefield Upgrade Kit $10
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