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This has to be the Start of Squadron 42

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We interrupt your spectrum programming for urgent breaking news. We have just learned of a major Vanduul raid in the Vega System.

Details are still coming in, but we have received early comms indicating that the Navy border fleet is currently engaged with a massive Vanduul force outside of Aremis’ orbit. No firm word yet on what could be heavy military and civilian losses.

To repeat, there has been a large-scale Vanduul incursion into the Vega System directly above Vega II. Not much is known at the moment; we have been trying to establish contact with our local affiliate but have had no success so far. We suspect that the array grid has been severely damaged in the fight.

We have just gotten word that Imperial officials at the NFSC are requesting that everyone hold off on trying to contact friends and loved ones in Vega at the moment, in order to keep comm relays free for emergency communication. This may hamper the flow of information out of the system beyond official channels, but we will keep working to learn as much as we can.

Our thoughts and hopes go out to all those in Vega and the brave starmen fighting there.

Stay tuned for more details as they arrive.

This has been Beck Russum with the Empire Report.



well.... do you think this would be the war we are in during the start of Sq 42??   what do you all reckon??

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It would certainly be part of it.  The Vanduul have had a ongoing history of raiding in the Vega system.  If you read about the star system you will see the Vanduul behave like viking raiders, they strike to steal what they need and leave.  Holding and occupying territory is not there way. 

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