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Around the Verse Episode 2.09

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OPERATION: TONY! This week the Live Operations team in Austin gives us a Behind the Scenes look at their shenanigans, and we sit down with Persistent Universe Director Tony Zurovec for a look into the immediate future of Star Citizen.


Sneak Peek




  • Jared interviews with Tony Zurovec on Star Citizen’s future
  • Live Operations walks us through patching a build
  • The new studio sets are nearly done
  • Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 continues its testing on the PTU
  • The third, and biggest, anniversary sale just finished


  • Lots of work going into fixing the stability of AC 2.0
  • Also lots of work on new visual effects for the EMP weapon
  • Austin are working on Jump Points, for when we’ll be able to travel between Stanton and Levsky.
  • Dev Ops and QA have been working hard on getting frequent patches out for AC 2.0
  • They’ve started looking into character customization; the first round of clothing is coming back from CGBot, so we can expect to see some very basic customization in the near future.
  • The UK team is growing, and continues to work on 2.0, trying to get stability up.
  • DE did a retrospective of all of the various parts of the game they’ve been helping with to date, and announced they’re now up to 32 staff.


  • A new server and system has been implemented to make compiling builds faster. In addition to this work is progressing to streamline downloading of the file system so in the future the launcher will only download changed assets.
  • Working toward incremental patches: it requires both new applications and backend structure; complicated by the fact PAKs are compressed and have security.
  • Keegan’s duties are split between analytics, the patcher and various projects for Operations and IT.
  • patch days are really busy for the company as a whole and potentially really long for the Operations team but if anything goes badly wrong they can always rollback to a previous version.


  • Tony Zurovec is the Director of the Persistent Universe
  • Direction for the Persistent Universe is open ended unlike Squadron 42 where players have some variety but ultimately end up following similar paths.
  • Invitations to Hangars was put on hold because of the infrastructure at the time wasn’t efficient enough to make it worthwhile. They ultimately decided on Area 18 because they wanted players to interact with each other on a larger scale than having only one to two in a single instance.
  • Million Mile High Club is coming in 2.0 and is bringing some enhancements
  • Million Mile High Club will be customizable with the second iteration of the shopping, with things you find around the Universe or items purchased and you can invite friends, guild members, etc to it as well.
  • The Customized system for the Million Mile High Club will extend over into the hangars.
  • 2.0 brings the ability to form a party and join instances together or see where your friends and guild members are in different instances when joining areas. This is important for the other landing zones as well to connect them all together in the near future.
  • After 2.0 is the Shopping where you’ll be able to customize your character at the Casaba Outlet in Area 18, this is also the first form of persistence where your characters data will be stored in the ‘Verse and not on a web server like it is now at Turbulent.


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Those bunks looks like escape pods = neat
Love the new cargo space
Wonder if the Freelancer Mis interior cockpit will be the same or more militarized feel to it.  
...Still not sure about the 4 seats / Bunks for a 2 crew ship (3 on the Mis)  is it reserved for Spock our beloved Science Officer and Uhura for communications? 
would be nice to rip out 1 set / 2 bunks and place a med bay there.

Edited by Silas
finish my thoughts

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