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PTU Guide 2.0

  1. Spawning at Port Olisar
    You wake up in your bed at Port Olisar, in orbit around the planet Crusader located in the Stanton system. First thing is to check out your gear, F9 for Mobiglass, F10 for Augmented Reality, F11 for Contacts list, F12 for chat. These are how you interact and talk to everything in the world. We'll get to them in a bit.
    O will turn your light off and on, 1-2 will be weapons selection, pistol is equipped, sub-machine gun is at Kareah Station. Olisar is a no weapons zone so these won't work right now. Shift is run and spacebar is jump.
    Right Alt + Backspace is to kill yourself, which is handy when you're in the middle of nowhere without a ship and need to get back. To change your views using the keyboard you use the insert button, and to do free look you can use page up or double tap and hold left alt.

    An important one is F, every time you see <<USE>> pop up on your screen you can interact with something in front of you and pressing F will activate whatever that thing is, be it a computer, door, sitting in a chair, etc. If you need to reverse whatever you just did like say getting into a seat or bed, CRTL+F will get you out of that seat/bed, it will also let you exit your ship once it's not moving.

  2. Getting a ship
    Hit F12 to bring up chat so you know what's going on in the instance, to use the chat you hit Enter, type what you want, then hit Enter again to send.
    Now get out of your room, walk down those stairs and out the doors to the center of the building. There you'll find computer screens which you can walk up to and press F. This will bring up the ship selection screen showing you your currently owned ships or any loaners you have. You select a ship and then it will tell you which pad it will appear on (A01 to A10).

    Look at the signs on the walls and follow them to your appropriate pad. You'll have to go through an airlock to get outside, just walk up to the panel on the left side of the airlock and hit F, then once the doors open you walk inside and hit F on the panel in the middle of the room to get outside. Now follow the signs to your pad.

  3. Your ship
    Well here you go, now you have your ship.
    First you have to figure out how to get into her, go near the cockpit and <<USE>> should pop up somewhere around it. Hit F and you'll get inside.
    Now that you're in you can see the Heads Up Display in front of you (HUD). This is all the numbers and screens in your cockpit. Directly in front of you there will be speed slightly to the left (0-100%) and the letters PRE, those are the most important. You'll also have screens for targeting, fuel, your Thermal and Electromagnetic signal (TM & EM), and your ships shields/weapons. Now I'm not going over the complete logistics for every control because I only use a keyboard and custom joystick setup. You can go up/down, roll, yaw, pitch, by using WASD, R is up, F is down, mouse is aiming your nose. Spacebar brings your ship to a dead stop, backspace makes your ship go from full speed to full stop or the other way around. Right Alt+backspace is to self-destruct and O turns the lights off or on.

  4. Speed settings in your ship
    What you do need to know is the PRE setting on your HUD stands for PREcision mode, it will only let you go from 0-50 m/s in your ship. That's good for taking off, landing, and flying close to objects. If you hit the V button you can change this to SCM which is Space Combat Mode, and it lets you get to your ships maximum fighting speed. If you hit V one more time it goes to CRS which is cruise mode which is the fastest your ship can go but you have a much harder time turning.
    Tapping and holding left shift once will use some thruster fuel (gauge is center top right) which is good for making hard turns or stopping quickly. Double tapping left shift and holding will engage afterburner to help you get up to speed faster. Capslock will enable/disable the settings on the left of your HUD, these deal with how your ship's computer deals with g-forces and thrusters. Leave them on default for now and you can learn more about them from flying tutorials. Left Alt+spacebar will bring up the mouse cursor in your ship so you can click on things on the HUD. Home button also works.

  5. Quantum Warping
    So you can fly around stations and through asteroids but what if you want to go to the other side of a planet? Or the next station? Well for those kinds of distances you have to Quantum Warp. Press B in your ship to bring up all the Quantum Warp points. They should all pop up in blue. They show their name, distance in km, and percentage of fuel to get there. You have 100% (should be somewhere on your HUD) to start and once you're out you can no longer do Quantum Travel, so don't run out of gas and stop at the nearest CryAstro Station to refill on fuel and ammunition. Now you can point your ship at one of these points and then hit middle mouse button (or whatever it is on joystick/game pad) to warp to it.

  6. Different Locations
    Now you have a number of different points you can warp to. Kareah Station is where the first person shooter place takes place, there are rifles inside you can go get and shoot it out in the halls or outside. Expect to get killed in your ship or on foot, people are coming here to fight. Yela is a little moon with an asteroid ring around it that is infested with pirates.CryAstro is where you go refuel and get ammo. Just land on one of the pads there and small flying roombas will come out and fix you up while you wait in your ship. Covalex Station is abandoned and you can go through a front hole in the station and float around inside and through the different decks.

  7. Comms Arrays
    One of the types of missions are the Comms Arrays which you can see as many Quantum Points. When you warp there you'll find pirates and some security forces fighting. You can kill the pirates and then if you see the beacon the top of the comms array is red you can go inside and turn it on.
    To turn on the array you have to find the entrance which is an entry point about 3/4 of the way up the structure with pipes going into it and some lights. Get close, get out of your ship with Ctrl+F, EVA (using WASD, Crtl for down, spacebar for up) inside and down to a computer which you can turn on.
    Once it's on you'll hear someone thank you and then some coordinates will be uploaded to your journal which is in your mobiglass (F9 and then click on journal). When you go back into your ship and bring up the Quantum points you'll see an extra point and you can continue the mission from there.
    There are 8 different Comms Array and each has it's own set of follow up missions so make sure to fight through them all.

  8. CryAstro Station
    This brings us to the point where your ship probably has some damage, you're low on ammo and need some quantum fuel. It's time to go to CryAstro Station. When you arrive you'll be greeted nicely and then have to land to get repair.
    Pressing N will bring up the landing mode and show you all the landing pads. Next you can press M for automatic mode, turn on PRE for speed (with V) so that you're not flying too fast. When you get close you can press middle mouse button (or whatever missile lock on is for you) to request a landing, eventually it'll be important to request landings at places so might as well practice now. Once you get close enough you'll see a green square below your ship in the HUD, once you enter this area on automatic mode (hitting M) the computer will take over and land your ship for you. You can also it it manually without hitting M if you prefer. Once you land the nice little flying roombas will come out and fix you up and top off your quantum fuel. Then you're free to fly away and adventure some more.

  9. On the mobiglass, augmented reality, contacts
    Your mobiglass is your smartphone in the Star Citizen Universe. It will have all your missions, items of information you collect will be in your journal, and many more options as it expands. You bring it up with F9 and put it away with F9. If you see on screen it says, "Added Journal Entry" that means you used something or did something and it added information to your journal, you should check it. Same goes with added missions. If you're ever lost on a mission, don't know what's going on, or just need information, the mobiglass will be the first thing you look at.
    Your augmented reality is what you use to identify objects and players in the Universe, when you bring it up with F10 you'll see an overlay come in front of your face. If you get close enough to players it will show their names now, if you are close to items it will show what they are named. This will be really handy in the future as the game grows.
    Contacts is where you'll save your friends you meet in game. This allows you to see when they're offline and online, join up in parties, and join servers together. It's currently very very broke but hopefully it's working soon.
    In any of these screens if you need to use your mouse pointer you press Left Alt+Spacebar to bring it up, same buttons to put it away.

This basically brings you up to the point where you should be able to do missions on your own and defend yourself. There are many many more things to uncover but I'll let you find them out for yourself by playing around or asking others.

Couple things of note, if you bring up the quantum points you don't have to go to an actual point, you can just point anywhere, press middle mouse button, and be off in quantum travel. You'll be in the middle of nowhere when you stop but this is normally good when running away from people. The map right now is limited in area and if you go too far outside it will automatically kill you, so careful with this one.

EVA is a really strategic part of the game, you can jump off platforms and go up and down the entire stations just by floating. Make sure to have fun with it as it will be a key skill in the future and right now.

Go look at some tutorials on youtube and learn how to fly, keep in mind that all of us started out pretty shitty and only time will make you a better pilot. Maybe you want to be an First Person Shooter kind of player? A mining merchant? A salvager? Explorer? The options are endless. For some people flying the ship is just to get your goods somewhere or get to the next asteroid to mine.

For everyone's sanity: If you're reading this for PTU 2.0 expect crashes, code 0s, 4, 7, 8, 1, 11, Crash to Desktop (CTD), weird textures, freezing, popping, etc. Take screenshots, go to the ptu issue council, search for your problem, if you find it contribute to it, if you can't find it make a new report and add on. Are you getting random freezes for about 2 seconds every 30-40 seconds? You need the custom user.cfg file that was originally made for 1.3.. For ALL other problems you have to wait until CIG releases a patch to fix the problem, please don't go on the forums, here, or Discord and ask people if we have fixes. No, if we had them you'd have seen a post about it somewhere in your searching. We can help you try and solve a launcher error, or maybe even a patching error, but anything in the game we can not fix only CIG can.

I hope you find your way in the verse and enjoy watching this game grow right before your very eyes. Let me know if you need anything else!


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