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Finally got my audio set up as I want it. Still need to change my mic from a Blue Yeti (Blackout Edition) to a AT-2020USB+, but that's another story.

Besides being able to have a decent output audio solution now for streaming and voice comms I now also have put a compressor and a limiter on my incoming Teamspeak audio so you are all at the same volume, even if you have a loud and noisy voice or have a weak and gentle voice. No more need to individually set the audio level per user in Teamspeak.

It's all freeware and takes about 10 mins to set up, including tweaking, as long as you have a basic grasp of audio engineering. It's also very light on system resources (CPU/RAM).

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Thanks for the tip. Really appreciate it. Most people I've seen favors the AT-2020USB+ when compared to the Blue Yeti so your PoV is quite interesting. Considering it comes from one of the best voice setups I ever heard I'm seriously going to consider the Rode NT-USB. My problem with the Blue Yeti is that it's too sensitive. It picks up a butterfly's fart three rooms down the hall. The AT-2020USB+ is a dynamic mic which supposedly not that sensitive.

What mic are you using, please? If you don't mind, would you please share your VST set up as well, please?

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Already seen it and done a lot of research. Put my audio solution together today with VSTs (and VSThost) and it sounds decent. I will continue to do some tweaks here and there to see if it can be even better.

Thank you a lot for your hints & tips. Much appreciated.


Edit: I used Adobe Audition CC before switching over to proper VSTs and even though Audition is really nice, the VSTs are easier to configure and manages to mask out my noise much better.

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