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Teamspeak is a great tool, but it can get pretty annoying trying to balance it's output to suit all kind of peoples' voices, good/poor mics, lack of pop filters etc. TS3 has the option to individually set the output per user, but that's a daunting task and has to be redone for every new member that shows up. It gets even more annoying if you are live streaming and trying to smooth out the output for the audience.

A free and very easy way to handle this is to add a compressor and a limiter to Teamspeak's output before it reaches your headphones/speakers/streaming application (OBS/Xsplit). This will even out the output literally putting a 'roof' on it so you can get a smooth listening experience. Add auto-makeup and all the quiet users will have added gain so they get the same output as everyone else.

If you are a live streamer you can do this with your game's output volume as well so you even out huge explosions. That way your voice won't get drowned out etc.

Once you have set this free solution up you won't have to touch it again.

Instead of me making a whole new tutorial on this subject you can check this Youtube video out which explains it in detail.

Good luck!


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