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We need a transplant stat!

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Case: Silverstone itx(Old) transplanted into Corsair240(New)
PSU: Corsair 600watt semi modular
Motherboard: Zotac mITX h67   1155 socket 
CPU: SandryBridge Intel Core i5 2500k
RAM: 16gb HyperX Fury at 1886mhz
Graphics card: Asus STRIX Gefore gtx960oc 4gb GDDR5
Sound card: Realtek Hd 7.1 
Hard Drive(s): 2x 500gig Sandisk Ultra Pro Plus SSD  ,  1x 120gig(Boot) Sandisk Ultra Pro Plus 
Optical Drive(s):  2TB External backup

Monitor: BenQ 27" 144hz 1ms 
Speakers: Logitech Z506 surround

Operating System: Windows 10







I know the cable management isn't great right now. That's because I'm waiting for my NZXT Hue to get here so I can go to town haha. Anyway this is the first time I've built my own computer 100% by myself, from picking the parts without help and building it without help. Needless to say I'm quite pleased at how it turned out. And the Corsair H55 Quiet AIO is, well, quiet lol. It did however exceed my expectations on how quiet they could make fans, and my idle temps are always below 10C, when I'm gaming I haven't seen it go past 40C yet, even when in OC mode. 


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