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Robert Kerenski

Master of Orion - By Wargaming - worth it?

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Currently the new reboot of Master of Orion is in early access.

Was wondering on the opinion of those who have already tried it if the early access is worth it so far?

I'm kind of itching for a new 4x to try. And so far this is the most modern and modern looking one (in development) out there.

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Definitly not for full price.

I got a cheap copy at Kinguin for 23Eur, but i would not buy it for more than 30, even in the package with MoO 1, 2 and 3.

With a lot of competitors from the last few years (Sins of a Solar Empire, Star Ruler 1+2, Star Drive 2, Endless Space incl. Addon, Galactic Civilizations 3 incl. DLC's, Distant Worlds, ...) and incoming competitors from this year (Endless Space 2, M.O.R.E., Stellaris, Polaris Sector, ...) it is definitly not in the Top5. While it is not a totally underwhelming game like some other recent titles, like Horizon or Lords of the Black Sun, it lacks at it's current state a lot of funktionalities, like Espionage, Government types, Heroes, Unit XP, tactical combat in MP,... . It has, at least in SP, more active and tactical battles than many competitors, but the empire building lacks a lot. Also from what i saw in the last days you get quite fast to the late techs, which is also a negative for me.

There will be some changes before the release in 3 month, but i doubt they will add many core features before any DLC or Addon realease way in the future. Better get one of the other titles on sale.

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