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BuzZz Killer

BuzZz Killer's HOSAS (Dual Joystick) Setup

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Hey guys. I'll be doing a video on this in the near future, just wanted to run my setup by you to get some feedback.


Right Hand Joystick - TM Warthog

Left Hand Joystick - TM T16000M

UJR (Universal Joystick Re-mapper) Used in conjunction with vjoy to split axes on my left joystick. (Allows me to use "throttle" instead of "strafe forward" for movement)

Voice Attack: Using the A.N.N.A. profile for various functions that aren't highly time-sensitive. (Shield/Power Management etc...)

Keybindings: http://imgur.com/a/5XQhl


Other stuff:

Logitech G510 Keyboard w/ 18x3 programmable macro buttons. 

Razor Naga Gaming Mouse - For FPS. Side mounted number pad allows quick access to common FPS functions.

TrackIR - Used for gimbaled weapons and situational awareness. (Not working in current build of Star Citizen)


Future Additions:

HTC Vive - VR goggles. Will replace trackIR if feasible.

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