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My next laptop

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Its not going to boost the MSI has a GTX980 in the laptop (Desktop GPU) .   In the MSI its NOT a GTX980m

I know the MSI sports a 980 GPU desktop class, I own an MSI laptop myself.

The water cooling does boost the performance, watch the video and check the benchmarks, water cooling is very effective.

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i second the MSI laptops there great, been using them for many years now quite nice 

Eh, if you can put holes in the walls I can see if I can dig up a brit vendor for the wall mount PC system that we use in Cath Labs. All you would need is a chair, and the thing would folds out from the wall... You could cover it with a curtain or something. 



Older type, folded out






not sure a hospital design would work that great in a home enviroment

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