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Tactical Advance

Galaxy jump point transit map (Tube Style)

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I think little things like this can help people a lot. When planning trade routes or just the fastest route. I think it also helps to see where the best places to go for looking for new jump points are. Branuagh, Chronos, and Trise all look like great places to look for new jump point to new star systems.

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like the style of this one but it's just a tad difficult to differentiate the small jumps from the medium ones 

If you view the image full screen then it's not so bad, but I see what you mean. At a glance it can be a bit hard to tell, maybe if they used a different shape to draw some of the lines it could work a bit better seeing as he is staying away from colour coded lines.

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Found this on reddit.

For me I find this a bit easier to understand as it has center points that help with a point of reference.





Operation pitchfork going to be through Elysium large jump point, lets bring in all the Idris & Javelins we can get our hands on it! Vanduul will have a bad day lol

And I want to make a story now that Tactical Advance is going to take over VIRGIL vanduul space through Nyx way point. This map help a lot!

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