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Took a weeklong vacation. Must needed reset. (Formal Declaration Inside)

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I took a weeklong vacation to Ocracoke Island down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Had a good time, and it felt like 2 weeks.
It was a much needed reset and I feel rather different. (getting away from some certain stresses with work and other things helped)
I would like to offer this declaration and apology.

I, the Lancebringer, am officially and formally offering my most sincere and genuine apologies to any and all members of the internet. With special attention to those dearest to me. My fellow Tactical Advance members.
I have been a rather brash and rude individual as of late. And having time to myself sitting on the pier fishing has let me get a clear head over all my stresses and I came to realize I have been an awful jerk. There has been no excuse for my run of inappropriate and inconsiderate behavior on Teamspeak. I have lashed out at people. I have made uncouth comments. I have made many people angry. I have even made people extremely uncomfortable.
This is not how I portray myself in public or in person, and I cannot fathom why I did it in Teamspeak.
It is inexcusable and I should never have done such things.
I am genuinely sorry for my behavior and lack of tact, and have no requests of the community.
It is up to the individuals of our beloved community to accept my apology, or to dismiss it completely. No hard feelings from me.
My declaration to you, I would like to call you my friends, is that I would like your help in helping me help everyone else by improving myself on a daily basis.
I do not regularly stop to think about my actions or words, and I need to do so. As of a point in my vacation when I was fishing, I am declaring that I will no longer sit in the general public channels, and have resigned myself to stay in other channels until I have developed the habit of defeating my profanity (A problem both in TS and IRL) and my brash attitude.
Again, friends, I am so very sorry for my behavior.

My wording is not precise, I do not have the education that many do.
I hope that we (myself and everyone else) can improve our relations to a most amicable point where I offer little to zero offense and finally kick this cursing habit to the curb for good.

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While I am not one of those that are frequently on TS, I would be proud to call you friend and I hope we can work together in the 'Verse sometimes.

Errare humanum est. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. It takes a special kind of person to stand up and admit his mistakes.

You can be my wingman anytime.

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