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Nominate a Member for Recognition

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Greetings All,

I wanted to take this time to remind you all that we have a section in the Human Resources subform whereby anyone can nominate a member for special recognition in the community. We have always had this but it has not been used in months and that is just not right. We have too many people working hard on too many things not to utilized this. This gives us a chance to highlight some great work being done that people may not know about and also gives a way to reward those who have shown dedication and sacrifice to help our org move forward an succeed. Here is how it works:

1. Anyone may nominate any full member of the Tactical Advance community. Just make a post here Nominate a Member for Recognition and tell us your reasons for nomination. Please use the correct thread for he correct month i.e. June 2016 Nominations

  • Make sure to use the member's name and RSI Handle for proper identification like this:   Name [RSI Handle] 

2. On (or very near) the last day of each month, we will form a panel of judges from the Directors/Asst. Directors and Execs and select a winner. 

3. The winner for the previous month will be announced at the first meeting of each month. Along with the recognition, there will be an award (such as Star Citizen flare, maybe a TeamSpeak tag to wear around, perhaps other things - no promises) 


Thats it, so nominate somebody for their hard work today!

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