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Not sure if we can make it this Saturday though. There is a lot to still be done, there is no script/content, no visuals, not even a name yet xD

I prefer taking our time and making sure we got everything right, instead of rushing it and hoping we have something presentable by this Saturday.

@BristolBoy Get script together for this weekend, poise the question to the org that in a future episode you would like to Brian Chambers.

Pick a name, leaving it as open ended as possible. Graphics should never stop production - open it up to the org and if someone makes it great if not you have until next week.

If you want help on the script spin up a word doc and poke me.


For the interview, a couple of key points:

1) Research interviews with him: iE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV0yVms0cX8
2) Absolutely do not talk over him or interupt him like the guy in that video.  Regardless of how interested you are with what he has to say this is not a conversation at the pub.  Ask a question, wait for an answer, ask a follow up, or move on. 
3) Don't ask the same questions.  Ask him about himself, his favourite games, what he wants to see from the universe.  M&K or JS or Hybrid. Earth or Terra.  His thoughts on racing in the PU.  His thoughts on Profession X in the PU.  what his favourite profession would be. Stuff like that
- What is your favourite question to answer about SC
- Where there any funny/interesting itterations in the procedural planet generation?  Ie: Funny/crazy planets
4) Offer to pre-record the interview.  Saturday night at 6pm UK  time might not be very convenient. 
5) For the interview remember people are here for the interviewee not the interviewer(s).
6) Have fun
7) Dear god remember point 2 this video is brutal, thankfully Brian is very professional.

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I don't mind helping as I can with this. I'm not much of a live stream person because I stutter and mangle my words a lot. But if you put a script in front of me, I can record it in a few takes, so I could voice some pre-recorded sections. I'm not as good as Tac at editing, but I might be able to help out in that area as well.


TAC Time/Talk/Chat (edit: I think Tac already uses TAC Chat)

Possible Sections:

"State of the Org" or "Tactical Situation" - Org News, New members, meeting results etc...

"State of the Game" or "Game Advances"  - Star Citizen news and updates.

"Pilot's Corner" or "Tactical Maneuvers" or "Advanced Maneuvers" - Flight training and tactics videos.

"Galactic Gear" (Stolen from M50 commercial), "Ship Show and Tell" or "Ship Corner" - For ship walk arounds, discussions, flight tests, and reviews.

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With the main name the risk is being too clever and losing the immediate tie-in to the game and to TA.  Don't forget just how many Star Citizen video people there are already - and imagine after rollout. What will people type to search for a Star Citizen Organization?  Will YouTube rank us higher in search if it's our title vs. a tag?  So would a boring TA - Star Citizen's Best Organization work best for bringing new eyes to the channel?

Once we've captured their eyes through search, then we can keep them with fun and content.

The content should have repeating segments and here we can get clever with fun names since those watching will be "insiders" who get the joke.  (There've been good ones mentioned already, like a Big Benny's segment)
 Exploration segment could be Advance Scout or Advance Warning, Military could be Tactical Supremacy, Industry and Trade - Traverse the Verse, then things like Citizen Spotlight, Org Theory (discussing our org structure a bit at a time) etc.




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Traverse the verse is a game based on Star citizen  created by NightHawk_Zale , hes a friend of mine,, So that name unfortunaltly is a deffo no go... but there have been some really good idea so far :)     https://www.twitch.tv/nighthawk_zale/v/74950270   

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Can we do a video section on 'Fun bugs & things in Star Citizen'?

For example:

Attempting to get out of you Aurora before it self destructs.

Attempting to get out of your Constellation before it hits Olisar.

Attempting to get in your Mustang whilst standing up.

How many people can we get in a Mustang Beta.

Docking a Merlin in a Starfarer.

Running through the Airlock Doors with no suit at Olisar.

Going into QT whilst flying backwards.

Trying to get a Big Benny's vending machine into the back of a Freelancer.

Pilot ejecting insta kills all other crew members.

Getting out of bed in Starfarer to look out the window as a ship crashes right into it.

Landed Ship stacking.



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I think this is a great way to get some community involvement from TA members, as well as the rest of the star citizen fan base.

The following is a brain dump:

If you want a 2 hour fortnightly podcast, is could look something like this:


  1. 30 minutes of star citizen news; What new info was released in the past 2 weeks by CIG and other reputable sources. ATV, RTV, devs twitter and facebook sneak peeks. talk about new patches, if there was one released during that time.
  2. 30 minutes of TA news; notes from the latest TA team speak meeting, talking about events that the TA members have taken part in (if any). what other games has the TA community been playing?? what games are we looking forward to, stuff like that
  3. 30 minutes org spotlight (similar to what Imperium does). on each episode, a council member of one of the orgs branches talks about what that branch is, what it means to the org and how people can get involved in that aspect. this includes military, exploration, industry, human resources, diplomacy...
  4. 30 minutes Q&A. when the cast answers questions taken from live chat as well as a thread that can be opened on the forums.

If you can manage to get devs on to talk about their work and answer our questions, that would be amazing. these segments should be between 30-45 minutes, not any longer. set these up in advance, let us know and open a thread on the forums for TA members to submit questions for said guest.

Once the podcast has a couple episodes under it's belt and it's all ironed out, you could also reach out to other star citizen content creators. other streamers, youtubers.

I would recommend that the cast be limited to 5 total members, including guests. Any more than that and people will either start talking over each other or will sit there silently until they have a chance to say something.

You guys can also try doing this podcast as a recorded type deal and uploaded on either TAC's youtubz or Gavin's

Can't help you with any names, but there have been some good suggestion in this thread already. like TA Prime Time, Tactical Round Table, Tactical Situation.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :party:

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I am leaving physical therapy now. I will do it when I get back(Or tonight when I get it approved) 

Doing this mobile really doesn't work out. I was responding to The_Director


@Zues Most of that has already been talked about. But nobody has written it up like you have. Which the community highly appreciates.! Good work! I say first 15 will be welcoming new members. And give a rederic what we will be talking about in the show.

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Media isn't my thing, though I am a good critic and am good with making names.

Star News

The Tactical Citizen

Advance The Verse

Advance News Podcast

Tactical Community News

Tao of the Verse

The Tao of TA


Tactically Advanced News

The Tactical Spectrum

Where's the Verse?


Maybe I will think of more, over night.

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Benny's Ben (the TA podcast)

1. review/what's been going on in TA. Maybe have a new person from the org, every episode. Repeat visit are okay, based on the viewer.

2. Content from CIG. (this one has been told before)

3. Main Guest. What is their relationship to SC, What are they up to now, Any new projects in the work, Side projects. Have some fun fact about the game. Favorite game. Pastime. Quistions from viewers

4. Other. This section could route. For example if we have Mark from BUGSMASHERS we talk about fun bugs. Or if have a physics-guy, we might talk about how we miss bowling with the golf-cart. Or have the other section be something from the guest, something he/she would like to talk about. 

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It might be cool to have a topic on the technical side of the game as SC uses some pretty unique and cutting edge technologies that are most often overlooked or under appreciated. I'm a pretty technical person and have become fascinated with how these games work underneath and needless to say...its fucking complex. I have been working on my own game projects for the past year and have have learned so much about how all the aspects of games work and thought it might be interesting to have a topic on it. After each patch release I also unack all the games assets and sift through them to see what is new which can also give an inside look into what the dev team is working on. I keep up with all the bug smashers videos as well and they seem to get a good amount of attention from viewers so there is an interest in the topic to some degree. Also we have one YouTuber in TA who sort of does this with some of his topics but its pretty cringe worthy how completely wrong he is about what hes talking about most of the time yet people soak it up because they know even less and assume hes right.

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