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PC and Laptop

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I am using a custom built server as my primary Star Citizen gaming platform which is connected to my Sony Bravia TV (Originally meant for Netflix and doing more server... Like stuff).

Operating System: Windows 10 Home
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 7700 Graphics Card 1GB GDR5
Processor: AMD FX 8350 - Eight Core Black Edition
Ram: 32 Gig of 1886mhz Corsair RAM
Motherboard: Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0

She runs it all rather nicely. Occasionally get black screen coming out of quantum jump, chat and everything works so IDK what's up with that as every else is A OK. If memory serves I'm running it on medium.

My Laptop is another story haha. She doesn't like to run it very well at all, but I can comfortably get in hangar tours if I chuck the resolution down to something more old school.

My Laptop is an Asus Zenbook U500VZ, in essence a gaming ultrabook which I primarily game off without a hitch except I think Doom on low for 30FPS I think it was. :D I think once Star Citizen is more optimised and at a launch stage she might like it a little more.

Operating System: Windows Ten Home
Processor: I7 3632QM 2.2 GHZ
Ram: 8GB
Graphics Card: Geforce GT 650M 2GB


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