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Elite military forces have plenty of cool ways to reach targets. Black Hawk helicopters. V-22 Ospreys. Scuba gear.

Here’s one more: a jet-powered flying motorbike that can hit 150 mph and happens to be carrying four Spike missiles.


When Franky Zapata showed off his Flyboard earlier this year, zooming through the air 7,000 feet up at 55 mph, I knew a military version of the Green Goblin-inspired transportation would surely follow.

So I thought up the Zaxon, a tactical vehicle that uses that turbojet technology to deploy special forces on the ground to a target less than 100 clicks away, possibly after dropping from a Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy.


The size of a standard touring motorcycle, the single-seat Zaxon would use two larger engines up front, and two smaller ones in back. The jets could tilt slightly for liftoff, landing, or full-speed flying. The large fuel tank would sit inside the bike, taking the space usually occupied by a motorcycle engine.

Two jet nozzles would help with lateral stability, making small adjustments when necessary. An onboard flying system would help stabilize the vehicle automatically, although the pilot would need to be trained to properly feel the bike and learn how to react to its movements.


The Zaxon would have landing skids like those on a helicopter. After dropping from the plane and free-falling, it would power up, then come in a for a low-speed landing and skid just a bit when touching down. As a backup, the Zaxon would carry a parachute for flights over 1,000 feet, and infrared lights for landing in darkness. Small wings could create more lift in level flight.

Like so many military vehicles, the Zaxon would cost tens of millions of dollars to develop, so a government arm like Darpa would be best equipped to make it reality. But once it exists, if costs come down, the nonmilitary types might be able to enjoy a civilian version.



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How does this thing have any military applications?

Deploying a single soldier onto the battlefield with an expensive costly system like this instead of just a cheap silent wingsuit/parachute...

What do you do with it once it runs out of jet fuel? Not like you can just siphon some petrol out of any vehicle or gas station like a normal motorbike...

What are you going to do with it once you are on the ground not like its going to fold up into your backpack?

Its going be as loud as jet plane so not good for stealthy special forces missions....

If you are using it for air to ground attack your better off using a drone since it can carry more fire power and sensors...


PS. sorry for being a buzzkill this does look like something I'd like to buy, it it didn't cost a million pounds.

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@Disc_Jockey - as any other expensive toy - it has only limited applications in day to day military activities, true. But I wouldn't say "there is none".  For instance it could be an interesting alternative to boats in a coastal operation (too low to be detected by radar and don't provide noise detectable by sonar :) ) etc.   Still it's way too expensive for now (deploying tanks would be more economical :) )

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I don't think that thing has any uses, at least in like 20 years with impressive scientific development... They can surely make that thing work right now, but it would work like for 2 minutes max....

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