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Ben has been tweeting that the caterpillar and 85x still have some work to be done on them.

I hate when CIG contradicts itself like this. Today Matt Sherman comes in twitch chat and says the ships are done and they will be in 2.6, tomorrow ben tweets "oh, we're shooting for 2.6 with the cat but it still needs some work".

But yeah, i think cat and 85x were supposed to be a surprise in 2.6 and people spilled the beans.

3.0 is still a ways off, cutlass is a maybe. we'll still get the aquila, the rover, dragonfly. who knows what surprises they'll have

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Talking about Release Dates, As the Caterpillar and the 85x have moved to the 2.6 patch. What ships do you think will be moved up to the 3.0 patch?.

I think we might get the base Cutlass. They might even have the Constellation Taurus ready for 3.0.


I'm thinking the Buccaneer will get done for 3.0 since it seems they went straight onto that from the Herald. They have mentioned it several times in recent ATV/RTV and the drake GT section.

Where are they now?

'The Drake Buccaneer is undergoing initial modeling and will be one of our next targets for flight ready status.'

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