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New Horizon

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Just done watching the livestream, announcing Ryzen :


And a xwing running in a straight line on an empty Battlefront server with a "Vega" graphic card.

Will see how it will turn out in some months...


By the way, i think i catched another cancer watching the chat, fanboys throwing s**t at each others like Harambe died again, special mention to AMD fanboy copy pasting "nvidia was a mistake", this is why we can't have nice things.

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Will test it for the lulz since apparently "not even cinebench is solid" (actual quote) still, no price tag and your usual AMD board going all.... well, fanboy


If you want to lose even more faith in Humanity, please head this way and enter the comment section, first you will laugh then after 5 minutes you will wish to be reincarnated into a flamethrower, working day and night :




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