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Saitek X52 Joystick and Thruster - Help adjusting thruster

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Hi everyone,

Finally managed to get Star Citizen going smooth on my laptop, not just my desktop so I broke out my Saitek X52. After import the profile for it in game I am having a bit of an issue with the throttle control. How would I go about making the thruster map, as push forward for forward and pull back for reverse on the throttle control. Maybe some sort of dead zone in the middle so I can come to an all stop. Currently when throttle controller is sitting dead centre I go screaming off at 70 on spawn :D.

 I have just downloaded the Star Citizen Joystick mapper, haha but I'm not really a code monkey so if you could give me a detail explanation on how to achieve this request it would me much appreciated.

Also if anyone who uses the Saitek X52 have any tips for other beneficial mapping changes I'd be interested to hear it.

Hardware Wise:
Currently my Saitek X52 is connected to my Asus Zenbook U500vz.

Anyway thanks for any help!



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I'm sure there are people in Team Speak who can help you with this.

I use The X55 though, it is pretty much forward just requires some practice at using it in AC.

You could also check the RSI forums in the hardware section for help with your X52 setup.

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Cheers I might just hit up the TS or the star citizen forum.

I think though I have overcome the major issue though. I mapped my throttle to one of the big dials on the throttle control. I then mapped the forward/backwards strafe to the throttle stick.

Haha this kinda jumped up two issues of their own.

1. Strafe forward/back is inverted on the throttle controller. There doesn't seem to be an in star citizen button to invert that specific function (I saw the inversions for the other functions).
2. I'm not sure how to input a deadzone in game on the physical throttle for Star citizen, so that forward backward strafe comes to an all stop easier.

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Haha ok I have found a rather odd fix by accident. In the end I couldn't find a way to configure Star Citizen to accept that a Saitek X52's throttle works on a range from -100, Zero, +100. There doesn't appear to be much info on it online a year later. So what is it?

Well Star Citizen recognises the throttle control's -100 as zero and uses the full spectrum to +100 being max throttle. Ok so I let it have its way. What I did do is turn on strafe forward and backward under the joystick section. I put it to -100 no reverse, but I just so happened to be on reverse and bumped the secondary trigger underneath the fire trigger and I got a tinsy amount of reverse. Start tapping it a lot and hello I now have full reverse on my ship. It isn't perfect and in reality is probably inputs conflicting with each other to make it happen.


If you have the throttle activated and propulsion going forwards, this process really does involve you pressing that button to fight the positive thrust but eventually you get there! Albeit numbers are too high to fight if you have throttle all the way on.


Hope this is useful to someone :D, it means when if I come into land and I overshoot the paid at least I can reverse instead of having to rotate the whole damn ship. HAHA can you imagine having to have to rotate an Endeavour or a bigger hull at full load, because you overshot the docking port.

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