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Friends and Foes... Fairwell o7

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Friends and Foes...
Spending over 2 years in this community i have had alot of memorable experiences....
i have dedicated a huge amount to the communtity in terms of my time and knowladge.

I have been in a personal dilemma for nearly 12 months with my streaming aspirations and the organisation.  
My personal goals have been to make a serious commitment to becoming a full time streamer for Star Citizen and other popular titles in between. 

The drama that rose in TA whilst I was the community voice primarily around the mis-management of the HR division 
and the placement of immature and under stilled officers into HR to fill a perceived vacancy resulted in the development of alot of toxic vibes.  
The executives being largely MIA and the Directors not being empowered to act only compounded the situation. 

With the news that HR is being reformed again without adequate people to actually run it available outside those already filling divisional roles is terrifying.  
Not to mention the same underlying issues of missing executives and under empowered directors.  It all made the voice a empty and powerless role inside the community. 

If you wonder why so many senior officers are moving on it has not been an easy decision as we have all committed so much energy and time to building a hard core organisation. 

Unfortunately it appears the leaders all feel the same way that the organisation is inevitably doomed to fail from the very top down.  
As often in many cases, a decision made by and for the community, gets stalled or stopped by various people. Therefore stopping growth and change were necessary.
Those limits have created a monarchy that prevents the directors and councils from creating and adapting the tools and systems to actually manage the numbers of players in the organisation. 

The tower has always and continues to topple like Jenga the officers are just being worn down working to prop up the endlessly falling pieces. 

The other senior officers left without spelling out the reasons publically that would not adequately convey my feelings on this matter and I have drafted a more detailed response. 

I am by the way not heading for the same destination as the others. I wish everyone well on your own journey.  

If you wish to keep in contact that would be great!

I am sorry it has come to this.  Take Care o7 

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Best of luck with your future streaming!

Some of what you wrote triggered some neurons in my brain that have been noodling over a kind of contradiction recently. I'm not sure if I can adequately explain the thoughts, but I'll give it a go: Like many people, I'm here largely because of TA (the person). Not because I'm a fanboy or something (if I'm going to be a fanboy of anyone it will be Chris Pratt as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy... haha), but because I felt like I could relate to the way he is clearly enthralled with SC in his videos, and I (rightly I think) figured I'd meet similarly minded people here in the org. So on one hand I'm here more or less *because* of TA (the person). But on the other hand, it has always concerned me that the org, unlike any other org or guild I've ever encountered, is actually named after the founder, which implies a sort of top down power structure that I can see potentially being a thing that would make me want to leave an org. I can see some great benefits from having a leader who has a very clear vision for where an org should go and how it should get there, but of course there can also be huge pitfalls to that as well.

For now I'm still in "watch and learn" mode, so I'm curious to see how things go from here, particularly as I do suspect TA has a clear vision for the org and there's still plenty of time to shift gears and achieve that vision before SC goes live.

See ya AROUND the verse (*does the ATV wave*)!

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Blah.. the HR thing was stupid , but you shouldn't fault leadership for trying out new things. I don't expect them to be perfect about everything, just to hear me out when I tell them they aren't being perfect.

I doubt you will find an organization that doesn't have these types of issues, trust me, I've been in a lot of them.


Tac is still leading the way in this org and thats mostly all I care about, I dont need tons of people diluting the power at the top leading to eventual coups or something, or worse yet poor management of the Org. The executives we have are there for a reason, and the responsibilities are divvied out fine imo.


Good luck to you, but I think you are wrong, and I am annoyed to see you and all these others go to some supposed "greener pastures" while taking a dump on the people you leave behind by airing dirty laundry and than splitting.

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I think GrumpyCat right. I was in two SC Org's before coming here and they had a lot more problems than TA have. I have also talk to people in other Org's on twitch and on CIG forums. Some of them say the same thing. Even about Test where you went. Nowhere is perfect some might suit you better. But even then they have problems you might not know them. But they be there and you will find them in time.

Nato, Optix, 22 and the other did great work and I am sorry to see them go. And I hope they come back. All Org's will have things like this over the next 2years waiting for this game.

As for you saying the Org is doomed. I think you are wrong. Because some people left and as Grumpy put it aired some dirty laundry on the way out?. Yes they was good people and Yes the Org have problems. But name a Org that do not have problems. We have to change things a little and we try that and change them again. Until we get something that works for us. We are only doomed if we stop trying to get better. That go for all Org not just TA.

Good luck to you.

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