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GTX 1080 Ti promises to dominate the gaming world

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Move over, Titan X. There's a new king in town.

With a higher clock speed than the Titan X, and 11GB of rather rapid VRAM, the 1080 Ti proves to be the best Ti card ever made - as if that wasn't already immediately obvious.

Boasting a claimed 35% performance increase over the standard 1080, at just £699 ($699 pre-tax), the 1080 Ti seems like a dream card for anyone looking to upgrade. Plus, with a TDP of just 250W, gamers can look forward to some seriously meaty performance from a reasonable low power draw.


Say hello to the new top dog.

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

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At this time I don't even think SLI even work in Star Citizen. At least it didn't last time I tried.

That card is going to be great, if it is as good as they say. But I want to wait getting a new computer until SC go live. Who knows how good computers will be in 7 years when the game go live.

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