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Hello everybody.


I want to start of by thanking you all, both current members and the ones that have left throughout the time that I have had the pleasure of talking to. You are a fantastic bunch and I want to thank you for two and a half years of great discussions and conversations. I have been lucky and haven't had to deal with a lot of controversial stuff, due to them generally happening while I have been away, so I am not burned out on the org, but rather, Star Citizen. I have gotten my account refunded, due to both being in quite some financial hardship and having lost faith in the project. I still wish it releases and blows everyone away, but I don't think it will anymore.

I want to wish you all good luck in the future, and I hope you are all going to be happy with the game when it releases and that the organisations stays strong. I may jump on as a guest every now and then if I am allowed.


Farewell and good luck in the future, Alpha.

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Wish you speed in getting through the financial hardship. Whether or not the game is ultimately successful, it is still a game in any case, and a luxury to those in financial distress. You made the right call and can always jump back in later when you've got your feet firmly on the ground again.

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