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Saturday afternoon (EST) unplanned Spectrum Q&A with Ben Lesnick

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  • Carrack is hopefully starting a little later this year.
  • No chance of sneaking it into 3.0   (The Carrack, that is)
  • Ship prices for 3.0 - haven't made the final call yet, but if any change it'd just be ships that have their status changed.
  • (So stuff coming flyable... which I can't tell you what it is yet :))
  • There'll be at least one new concept piece with the Merchantman in it this month.
  • Design is working on turrets; Chris actually asked for a special focus on that after the Hurricane came out.
  • Aurora update is in progress now.
  • Vanduul ships for Squadron will be in the PU. Can't share more on that yet.
  • Game design always looks perfect on paper a year before it matters, but when you finally implement your ideas you find out what you didn't know.
  • I do think the Hurricane is going to be stupid fun. No modules to announce yet.
  • Q:why do we hear in space? Shouldn't there be silence because there is no air? A: rule of cool on that one. I assume your ship's computer is simulating the sounds!
  • It's a bigger thing than making more turrets, we need to figure out how to make them function for the turreted player first. So looking at stabilization, feedback, etc.
  • They're changing the process for merchandise to reduce the 'preorder' time... but it has meant less merch in the short time while we stock up. Expect to see a few items soon!
  • I do not know what the ETA for the docking tech is. Docking tech is not being ditched. It's necessary for many important things beyond the Merlin.
  • Q:What's the most exciting thing you're waiting to go in that you can tell us? A: I know it's pretty basic sounding, but planets and the first careers (which are in the next patches) are going to be huge. The game will make a lot more sense to folks  
  • I do not believe there's been any talk of a rear turret on the Constellation.
  • Terrapin will be flight ready later this year, we'll bring it back then.
  • Can't give an estimate for 3.0, sorry!
  • no buzz, no plan to change the snub dock. Plan is to get it up and running.
  • Q: why is there not starter pack with the tir 2 starter ships in them?? A: good question! Packages are going to get a refresh that'll include that.
  • We've got 2.6.2 in the works right now. After that, we'd have to see. I'd say it'd depend on when things come online. If we get something awesome ready to go before all the 3.0 features are locked we could do an interim patch... or not, if it all happens at the same time.
  • 600, eh... never heard of it
  • Q: will we be getting cruise speed back so we can go into cruise and get out of pilot chair and walk around the ship? A: not sure on cruise speed, that'll be up to the balance guys.
  • Super Sabre, eh... never heard of it.  
  • Next concept ship is going to be the... I want to say so badly:/ But it's not the 600.
  • Concept sales don't block 3.0 at all; the ship pipeline is pretty taught!
  • think letting what someone else thinks of you change what you want to do is never a great plan.
  • Chris likes aggressive schedules because they motivate the team--but they don't always work out.
  • We do spend money on marketing - things like the brochures for the concept sales take an artist's time. But we don't do traditional ad buys, commercials from outside contractors, etc.
  • Chris has all these old DAT tapes with Wing Commander stuff on them, gotta figure out how to read them and preserve the data.
  • Q: how is the Wing Commander Academy boxes coming along?A: slowly! It took two months just to organize everything. We're about a quarter of the way through the scanning now.But it's stupid fun to do. They are DLT III tapes.
  • Yesss I wish we had the WC rights. (We have the movie rights!)
  • I've got an Amiga 4000, an old Powermac, an FM Towns, a PC98, a 386 and two early Pentiums. I think Ali would murder me if I had anything else  (We have an original Mac too, but that doesn't run Wing Commander... more of an art piece :))
  • I would be so happy if EA were doing Wing Commander... but they have Star Wars so it'll never happen.
  • Unfortunately no, Freelancer is Microsoft. Although unlike EA, I do know that there are people who remember Freelancer very fondly over at Xbox.
  • End of March is most likely for the next concept.
  • Yes to support ships, our next chunk of concepts that are being kicked off now are more support/career focused (the current ones that are finishing up now are largely combat oriented)
  • I'm told that UEE authorities categorically deny the existence of any so-called Project Eclipse. I would encourage you to report any Citizens discussing such topics to the local Advocacy office.
  • Q: do you know if the Xi'an are working on some khartu-al scout updates? A: Nothing to share on the scout, sorry.
  • Q: when is the greycat getting some love? A:I love the Greycat right now! And I am eagerly looking forward to loosing them on some moon surfaces. (The Greycat being named after my parents cat remains the most surreal thing about Star Citizen for me)her name is Grey Cat. She is a grey cat.
  • Q: Ben what ship (to be flight ready/hanger ready) are you most looking forward to seeing? A: Endeavor for me!
  • The noodles are actually not me, Benny is one of the writers' pugs  
  • Alright, I need to hop out for a bit. I'll check back soon! Have a good lazy Saturday, everybody.
  • https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/saturday-afternoon-est-unplanned-spectrum-q-a-with
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