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Rogue-Jack (help is needed)

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Hi guys,

I'm not sure how many of you  know  Jack (he is a very shy guy), but he recently become very sick, and he was supposed to get a full medical check up earlier today. Unfortunately it was too late, and now he is in an intensive care hospital unit with preliminary diagnose of stroke (and he isn't even 40).

I was waiting for  the medical check up results before figuring out what is the best way to help, but now I don't expect any additional information, so please, have a look at his message (sorry for google auto-translate, I want to provide reference to the original post), and perhaps you'd be able to help one way or another (based on what I know about medical system in that country - he or his relatives would need money for sure, and he provided some data ).


( w/o translation : http://star-citizen-ru.ru/forums/topic/7026-proshu-materialnoy-pomoschi/ )

Sorry for bringing more sad news to all,


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