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Ship needed for friend and me!

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Hey guys 

Back from a long time inactivatie in hope for 3.0 will bring more gametime!

But i have a problem Im in look for a ship that you can use with only 2 players

I allrdy have a prospector for when where no play together so i can just mine my heart out

but now in need for a ship for 2 players , we both like the idea of transporting/hauling stuff but it needs to be able to fight back! first i bought the Hull-C i liked the idea of that amount of guns and cargo,but i just think its why to big for 2 players and i dindt like the idea of having cargo out side of the ship.


Im look atm at Freelancer MAX and MIS, the Redeemer, Constellation Andromeda, Cutlass Black and even the Reclaimer.

So in short looking for a ship with firepower that can transport en escort things, that can be used by 2,3 ppl and can land on planets!

Still like the idea of the hall-C with the amount of guns but the outside cargo is just nog for me/


Hope that you guys can help me find a good ship for what i want, even if you say i just have to wait for something beter.

Thanks in advance sry for the bad grammer 


Dutchy out!


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I'll give some help since I own a few of the ships:

Freelancer MAX - While not in game yet, they do give you a "stock" Freelancer which I've found to be incredibly good in it's base weapons form. Seems quite tanky and those weapons hit like trucks. Only small problem with the Freelancer atm is whenever you leave the ship for missions, it tends to get into a small spin, which can get amplified if you "bump" it during your E.V.A

Constellation Andromeda - I have the Constellation Taurus but you're given an Andromeda as the replacement, the ship does extremely well if you have a gunner or two, it's weapons hit quite hard and the sheer amount of missiles it has makes it a fun little missile barge. Suffers from the same spin problem as the Freelancer, although it's a whole lot easier to get back into the Freelancer.

Redeemer - I own the ship but can't bring myself to sell it yet. It's Hanger Only atm, and isn't going to be over-hauled until deep into 2018. If you like the idea of the Redeemer it might be worth getting a CCU for it, but as it sits; I wouldn't recommend anyone buy it. Even in the Hanger it's quite glitchy and hard to get around.  The replacement is the Vanguard Hoplite, which isn't bad, just not my style when it comes to weapons layout. 


Depending on how much you want to spend, the only ships that'll be available for 3.0 are the Freelancer, Black and Andromeda from your list. Personally; I would say the Freelancer MAX would be my choice, it's half the price of the Andromeda and a whole lot easier to maneuver and operate as a 2 man crew. The base Freelancer has really surprised me with how good it is, and makes me even more excited to get my hands on the MAX.

Also to note; the Black is going through a over-haul that should be completed by 3.0. 

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Dutchkhaus I say go cutlass black. It have a small amount of cargo and good fire power. Also it is the cheapest of the ships. I also think it be better for escort things like you say you want to do. But if you want to go more cargo I go with the Max.

Woar you be happy to know they have fixed the spinning bug for 3.0

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