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So final update i guess guys!


Over the last week I've flown my first few routes with actual paying passengers, slowly being dragged up to line standards :D

It's currently very busy for me especially with the 25min turn arounds on the ground!

Over the course of 3 days of flight I've done 22hrs of flight time and by the end of the week I expect to have made that up to about 45hrs. To put that into perspective that's about a quarter of the actual flight time I'd previously done in light aircraft over 4 years for my training!


I still can't believe I'm getting paid to do this ;)

Who knows, maybe one day one of you will be on one of my flights :D


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Congratulations, that's great to hear!


I'd love to get back into flying some day. Not nearly enough free time (or money) at the moment while dealing with kids, but I have some hope I'll be able to fly again in 5-10 years. Star Citizen might even be released by then ;-)

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