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New Intel i9 and x series processors are here.

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What Sorcery is this!?

the new x chip-sets are the same price point as consumer models and provide better performance. What's more is the new CPU's allow for 8 channels of DDR4. Holy cr*p. I think I know exactly what my new chip will be.

Caveat, the new chips aren't compatible with the old sockets. So you'll need a new motherboard to upgrade.



We will see these up for grabs sometime in the next week or so.
June is their official release date, as of typing this, I haven't seen any 2066 mobo's up for grabs.

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I love to see the new extreme chips, but still disappointed with Intel's price gouging. If AMD's ThreadRipper series costs anywhere close to what is rumored it will be a big win for consumers and a big blow to Intel's new lineup.


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