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Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards

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The stats look great. Now we wait for benchmarks and future revisions. These are all rev 1




looks like we can see a sub 200$ x299 lga2066 and with a 300$ roughly i7 new processor. We should be able to upgrade for around 5-700 usd if we get ram as well. Still in the very much good price ranges.


When I find them for sale. I'll post them asap. 

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Yea, saw that too. That's Intel being Intel.

I figure it'll be another year before I get around to building a new system anyway, so there:'s plenty of time to let this hot mess settle down.

Top end performance for mostly enthusiast reasons are a bit of a pain at this point. I felt it rather moot considering most of the people that will benefit the most will be hardcore gamers with a couple ssd's running a few select games.
The raid key bit is a bit asinine if you ask me. not to mention the requirements for raid 5.
I dunno. I think this will do great things for those of us building a SC machine, or even a machine for other games.
I do wish Intel would spend more time polishing this turd, but we'll see. Hopefully this doesn't turn into another 970/980 debacle

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I mean, this is a good watch and all, but this guy, like LinusTechTips, is ranting and raving about features regular gamers will never use.
Most, if not all, games are single thread, single gpu designed games.
So.. you can have a thousand cpu cores, but it wont do jack.
Intels new $282 X series i5 will be more than adequate at 4 core 4 thread with 16 pci-e lanes.
If you want to buy the i9, thats on you, but its really only for the 'enthusiast' who's going to use all that.
Hell, even the RAID system is pretty much an add on. and no reasonable gamer should use raid, not with SSD's being here now.
But if you're into the AV network, yea, go with the Ryzen, but gamers really wont benefit from the additional threads and lanes, especially if the motherboard isnt even designed for it.
IF AMD pushes a mobo that supports nVidia, it will be worth it, but if youre a amd fanboy, go ahead.


My only issue is that no one is doing these tests with run of the mill cards everyone has. They are running twin titans. Which... yea, is hyper unrealistic for the average joe

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Yea.. Ryzen has a lot of cores and threads.
But Intel still has a 4.0 gig BASE clock speed in their 239$ proc
If your gonna build a powerhouse to do other stuff sure, but the average gamer will not see a benefit from that many cores, most of the time you see a diminishing return with large core counts.
4 core, 4 thread, 4.0 ghz with 16 pci-e channels is more than enough for anyone with a single gpu (mind you, you dont see a real benefit with standard gaming with dual gpu) and looking to still get over 60fps.
Ill stick with intel, they still have ryzen beat in the gaming market.
All the tests with ryzen, by the way, use titan x gpu's to fluff these numbers.

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Ryzen= Socket AM4, 1500X - 3.5ghz, 4 cores, 8 threads, 4x512kb L2 Cache, 16MB L3 cache, 65W.

Intel= Socket 2066 (R4), Core i5-7640X, 4 core, 4 thread, 4.0 Ghz, 4x256kb L2 Cache, 6Mb L3 Cache, 112w

Both Processors support 16 PCI-e 3.0 Lanes and both support dual channel DDR4 2666 Ram.

If anyone is familiar with gaming, hyperthreading to 'synthetic' cores always brings a diminishing performance, as youre asking one core to do the work of two.

I guess it comes down to cost eh?
242$ for Intel
189$ for AMD
AMD's closest processor to clock speed is the 1600X or 1800X, and both of these cost more than the Intel Processor (even if by a few dollars)

To top it off Intel is launching a new socket 2066 to go with it, and that brings amazing promise. Say the i5 7640X somehow gets outdated, I can assure you Intel will run with this new socket for years to come, and I can already tell you that I could just overclock the proc by a small amount, and switch to liquid cooling should the heat build up too much.

Did I mention Intel works better with nVidia GPU's?
Which still run the market as best GPU.

New X Series Intel CPU's will be my next upgrade.
Ryzen can stuff it with its slow clock speeds.

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