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Subscriber's Town Hall w/ UK Props Team

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Ben Curtis and Cory Bamford of the UK Props Team chat with Jared Huckaby as they answer questions exclusively from our development subscribers about their work on Star Citizen and Squadron 42.


  • Today's Happy Hour featured two members of the Foundry 42 U.K. Props team: Corey Banford and Ben Curtis.
  • The props team is responsible for all the things you see that aren't bolted down or ships and weapons. 
    • This ranges from things as small as a pen, bottles, and cups to crates, shipping containers, and the weather antenna on certain surface outposts.
  • The props team also makes ship components! They're responsible for making the components that we in the ships and soon be able to admire they're work more closely with the ability to swap out modules in the ships post 3.0. 
    • For 5 of the basic component types, they've estimated that they have been working on between 20-25 for each component type.
    • Consistency is a big deal to them because not only do they want the components to fit properly, but they're also designing the components to have a unique look and feel to them based off their manufacturer so that you can look at a component and know who built it at a glance.
  • The prop team's long term goal is to allow props in the world to be manipulated by players if they choose to do so and interact with them in such a way that creates new gameplay for them if they so desire such as shooting out lights or breaking glass etc. They will be implementing damage states for many more props over time with  wear and tear so finding things in the universe will be different as the elements and time will play a part in the condition of something.
  • There was a big debate over whether a sink should have one faucet or two with Corey stating that two faucets, hot and cold are superior due to the ability to use both, but Ben redid his bathroom and added only one faucet stating the convenience for his children's sake. 
  • When someone asked about the Crusader Industries B419 Tactical Stealth Utility Tarp they were very hush hush about it.

Courtesy of Relay

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