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TASE: Update & Events.

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This is an update regarding the 'leadership' of the TASE Racing team.

I'd like to clarify that I have absolutely no intention of stepping down from my TASE Position in the short term, until I can completely assure both myself and the Organisation that the team is a fully fledged working & operating system within the organisation and I find a successor with the drive and capability to lead it.


With due respect, one does not kick an infant out of the house, only the unruly teen once he's old enough and experienced enough. So don't worry, It's all good. I simply feel a miscommunication has been made and is now being addressed.


Secondarily on the agenda, is a reminder that racing events will continue to happen on Friday morning, 2AM,  along with Sunday 7PM UTC. These events are consecutive on a weekly basis.


Tertiary, Saturday nights gaming may incorporate the possibility of racing events liaising with the main gaming night.



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