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315 plans

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I'm very interested in exploration, in addition to my first ship, the DUR, I have a 315P that I plan to use for some light exploring.  


But I also think this ship might be perfect for getting around the universe quickly.  Seems like there will be a need for me to travel long distances quickly and efficiently, and the 315 seems like the perfect vehicle.


There's going to be a lot of times I'm on a multi-crew ship with other Org-mates, but the 315 might be a good way to simply 'get away' from everyone and everything and see the sights.


I've also been racing my 315, its not as fast as a 350 but its got a great cockpit view and turns well.  Can't wait to see what the rework looks like.


Do you have any other plans for your 315 other than exploration?

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