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Points of interest for exploration.

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Hi guys,


I thought id make a list of things that have caught my eye  in the star citizen lore that maybe of interest to explortation/industry or military but may also be outside the UEE remit... either way please feel free to discuss.  :)


Hr'Thak homeworld (Krell)  - trading partners / missing link to why x'ian keep UEE from visiting them.

Tevarin Homeworld - (Elysium system)

Tevarin abandoned planet - (Kabal system)

Oretani System - lost human expedition

Hadesian Artifact - (Hades system)

Osoian - most advanced primate race (oso system)

etos ape - developing species (osiris system)


there's probably a lot more but these were just off the top of my head.




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