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Tactical Advance

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Around the Verse - Manned Turret Makeover

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Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host an episode focused on the improvements made to manned turrets and featuring another installment of “Burndown.”






  • Hitting targets with turrets was quite unsatisfactory in the past and improvement of that was their goal
  • They imported the old system in for set designer freedom of control, to hook it into the new pipe system properly, and adapt it to a new aiming system
  • Aiming improved by increasing turret rotation dependent upon distance to target and faster response to player movement as well as decreasing of freelook area
  • Though they plan to eliminate the dash-pip, there are several that enable better aiming that also include the circle-pip and crosshair-pip.
  • They also included IK to allow the player to see their body and G-forces along with gimbal ship compensation to increase fun along with accuracy
  • Simultaneous turret seat movement and rotation was accomplished in animation and involved bones and timing in states
  • One problem encountered made the player dizzy from the snapping of rotations and animations
  • Another problem entailed the player starting out by facing the wrong direction once loaded into the turret solve by allowing rotations to be defined in DATAForge
  • This also allowed for the player entering at odd angles
  • The most challenging aspects dealt with converting what the player wanted to do as far as their aiming input
  • Another fun feature added is alternate fire mode allowing for all guns blazing or sequential fire for better targeting
  • Another issue was setting limits so that a player didn't shoot their own ship when an enemy target dove below them
  • Though they lost some things in the Item 2.0 conversion for turrets they are working to retrieve them and add even more to the UI for better enemy awareness
  • Some possible improvements include the sharing of target and radar information between multiple crewmembers
  • Much of the most important improvements were made simply through trial and error

Courtesy of Relay

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