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Tactical Advance

Around the Verse - Cockpits: Enhancing the Experience

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Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host an episode that dives into the enhancements coming to cockpits. Plus, catch the first “Burndown” since the Evocati got there hands on 3.0.




  • Delta patcher has been getting positive feedback from community
  • Another advantage of patcher is they can downgrade builds as quickly as they can upgrade them in case they missed problem in testing, roll back to an older version until they figure out what went wrong
  • Main focus being performance pushes
  • Hoping to get new builds out everyday if they can to Evocati because of the new Delta patcher
  • Next steps is focusing on shopping/commodities feature to present to Evocati
  • 23 must fix issues

Cockpit Experience

  • The Cockpit Experience Sprint was born from Chris' desire to make it more visceral and feel special
  • Jake and John broke Chris' goals into sprints and partnered with Animation, Audio, Visual Effects and Engineering
  • Included G-forces, hit reactions, visual effects and lighting states
  • Started with one cockpit type "HOTAS CL" which is used by 7/8 ships including the Gladius
  • Adjusted the position of the joystick, throttle, seat, main gun
  • Added VFX (sparks, smoke, fire, debris) to indicate incoming damage and damage states (slight, medium, heavy)
  • Hooked the Actor Status System into the G-force system: players consume more oxygen and use different breathing techniques
  • Ensured the UI screens were very consistent and of sufficient size to be easily read without zoom
  • Bringing back the combat visor interface support screens: by default will show player's and target's status
  • Improved and reapplied the control templates to the HOTAS CL ships (with scope for future actions too)
  • One goal is that a player should be able to work out everything a ship does through Interaction Mode
  • Animators are tuning G-force experience so it feels correct, adding idles and fidgets
  • Hit reactions are based on the direction you are getting hit, from all six axes, blended together
  • When the player performs an action there should be physical reaction in the cockpit (and ultimately the character performing it to)
  • Changed the enslavement process between seats and players which massively simplifies setup
  • Cockpits are now being designed with redundancy for future functions that could be added.
  • It was a global effort to make the cockpit redesign happen as it affects the core of the game’s code and without proper coordination, the game would cease to work.

Courtesy of Relay

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