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Consolidated Outland's Pioneer pre-sale (Colonization)

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The gamechanger turns out to be a colonization ship! While we don't know what this will entail we do now know that basebuilding will be thing.


The information below is taken from reddit as my RSI app has decided to unlink my account and I am now locked out of my account =(


2000 ships are on a pre-sale for concierge and subcribers as a warbond (LTI but no store credit allowed) for $750



The Consolidated Outland Pioneer is an upcoming colonisation and construction ship. Whether you’re looking to build a home away from home or strike out to claim an untouched world, the Pioneer will not only get you there, it’ll make your dreams a reality.


The brand new Pioneer is a mobile construction yard that specializes in creating modular planetary structures. Utilizing an on-board reserve of resources, the Pioneer can construct your new home onsite as well as continue to build once your new settlement is up and running. Whether you’re simply looking to build a little respite far away from the noise and chaos of day-to-day life or you’re bringing civilization to the frontier, the Pioneer will make your dream a reality


What it means to claim land:



This is what is included when you buy the Pioneer


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34 minutes ago, RSLtaken said:

Congrats on getting one. It looks to be a huge ship. I just hope I can get one tomorrow using some store credit. Before they are all sold. 

It looks to have 4 turrets on top. Also I say that looks bigger than a Idris.  


10 minutes ago, ichi said:

grats Ak

I should mention that isn't mine, someone on reddit posted it xD

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