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Gripes about new ship matrix

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Ok, first gripe about the new Ship Matrix (Thanks to ichi for posting).


1) Freelancer Cargo Capacity:-

Misc - 66

DUR - 28

Max - 122

Mis - 28


Correct me if i am wrong PLEASE, but these are the actual quotes:-


The Freelancer Dur specialises in Exploration. Sacrificing "SOME" of the cargo capacity........


The Freelancer Mis is a limited edition........ This version sacrifices "THE MAJORITY" of the cargo capacity for missiles.


WTF? Seriously? SOME = 28......  THE MAJORITY = 28


Cockwombles. SOMEONE needs a dictionary!

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The original pitch for the DUR was that it gave up 25% of its cargo capacity


The Freelancer DUR is an exploration-oriented variant of the MISC Freelancer. The DUR variant sacrifices 25% of its default cargo capacity for an improved jump drive, a larger fuel tank, and an upgraded scanner.


Maybe fractions work different in 2947?


at any rate the new ship matrix changes the wording from the old 25% to 'some' which is apparently more than half.


my guess is that there will be many many such discoveries in the matrix, I expect a lot of salt over the next few weeks


I'm not happy about the numbers, 28 is damn low, but I still love my DUR and have to fall back on the old caveats about change and concepts and nothing is certain


plus I learned a new word - cockwombles.  Not sure what it means but I can't wait to use it in a sentence.  Thanks Bursar!


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I only have the MIS so I knew that would have a small cargo area. But it still a lot bigger than a lot of ships out there. 


I do think that a little low for the DUR. I think about 40 SCU would of been better. But If they can make it better at exploration because it not so good at doing cargo is that not a good thing? Because of balance the better at doing cargo runs it is the less good at doing exploration it can be. And the larger fuel tanks, better jump drives and better scanners will and can all help in cargo runs. Letting you do them faster and safer. Because of the better range and being able to see people who might attack you easier. 

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Glad you like the new word Ichi. I think I am with RSL on this. I'd have been perfectly happy with 60% (40) of the capacity of the Stock model, but its under half. That's not "Some" especially when it doesnt seem to gain that much from the deal - until we actually see JUST how much better the tanks, scanners etc are. I feel they really do need to justify both their language and the implementation of the DUR. I bought it specifically on that basis. It would loose "some" cargo for enhanced abilities, but right now i'm feeling somewhat screwed over.


I understand what Karon is saying, but by the same token, compare both the Orion and Reclaimer. Both are "Industrial " ships, argueably they dont operate solo - you'd expect haulers present too, so I can understand the limitations.

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