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The Pioneer is now on sale! ($850)

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Ever since the unveiling of the quantum drive, Humanity has been on an upward trajectory of innovation and exploration. Advances in technology have allowed more and more people to sail the stars, to discover previously unknown solar systems, to harvest resources from celestial bodies.

Now Consolidated Outland offers another advance in Humanity’s technological evolution. Introducing the first mobile construction yard, the Pioneer opens up exciting opportunities for planetary settlement by allowing you to create your own modular structures.

So you can bring civilization to the wild.


For the full article go here

If you just want to go the ship page go here








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2 hours ago, RSLtaken said:

We just have to hope the UK not making it or it be 300 meters long. 

Big enough to cram most of the org in :D. One ship autonomous construction army, tearing up everything that isn't nailed down, processing it and fashioning it into superb architecture at crazy premiums. Insurance and land title not included.


Good work Foggy I hope you enjoy your construction beast.

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On 28.10.2017 at 10:21 AM, FoggyEagle said:

I replaced the Herald, 600i, Orion and Hull-B on Pioneer.
Now I can build a hunting lodge on a decent planet protected by UEE
Then I'm ready to give in lease the Pioneer. Construction materials and other costs at your expense :angel:


I'm sorry, but I can not encourage CIGs to sell the claim to the land for $ 100 for a piece of 8x8 km virtual land.
I have to melt the Pioneer.
I hope I'll can to rent it in the game by in-game money. If I'll need it at all.

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