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Case  NZXT Source 530 (4 14mm fans, got one more to add maybe)

PSU: EVGA 1000 G2
Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z270F
CPU: i7 7700 4.2Ghz with Corsair H110i cooler
RAM: 32GB GSkillz 3600 DDR4
Graphics card: Asus Strix GTX 1080
Sound card: On Board
Hard Drive(s): Optane 280;  Samsung 1TB HDD; Seagate 4TB External backup
Optical Drive(s): Blu Ray (cup holder)

Monitors: Vizio 32, HP 23 in
Keyboard: Logitech G710+

Mouse: Logitech 620 wireless

HOTAS: Saitek (MadCatz) X-55

Sennheiser headset


TrackIR, VoiceAttack


nothing special, but it runs good, can build on it if I want

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Nice system. I did a mod on my X-55 throttle based on this video as it was very stiff:


I was going through that process, but then I realised you can just remove that plastic bit screwed to the base and it makes the throttle way more responsive.


That said since then I have moved to using a TM FCS throttle which is a lot better for SC IMO.

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11 minutes ago, Sminchington said:

Is that new pc Mrs. Ichi's early Xmas present/allowance to spend money or a secret purchase which explains the frying pan wounds?



her potato finally quit (it had an integrated graphics card and ran Vista!) and so she got most of my old one


the issue is that now she may take all of my Anniversary sale allowance and buy herself a Prospector



the frying pan wounds are totally unrelated to gaming



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I can definately agree that a Prospector is a good call ;) And i'm sure if you're really nice she might even let you fly it occasionally lol. Who needs Anniversary sales anyway ;) ........... Oh the joy of being divorced now the sale is almost upon us :)

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