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Anniversary Sale - What's everyone getting?

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19 minutes ago, FriendCalledFive said:

I upgraded my Freelancer DUR to a Prospector last night, I couldn't stand the crappy cockpit view on the Freelancer any more. The prospector is just a nice touring ship whether I want to get involved with mining or not. I also have a 315p for exploration.


I picked up a Super Hornet as well! Am getting scary close to Concierge now!


I truly hope for a better view when the DUR is finally ready

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I melted a lot of stuff and got an ALMIGHTY ENDEAVOR. There are only 3 ships in this game that I dream about and this is one of them.
I realized that I hate the Freelancer now. Damn you Drake, damn you Josh Coons...

All in all, no regrets :D

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