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Tactical Advance

Around the Verse - Thanksgiving Burndown

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Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this week’s episode, which features another installment of “Burndown.”



  • Review of physical shops, focus on missions and getting Item 2.0 ships set up from tech design standpoint felt to be feature complete except one minor bug
  • Working on Item 2.0 HUD and combat indicators for those ships
  • Review of commodities felt to be feature complete and turning focus to stability and performance
  • Review of shop locations with directors, went well with a few bugs to be fixed but ready to release
  • Going through each commodity to set each profit margin range, so there isn’t just one lucrative tradeable commodity
  • Miles Eckhart in QA’s hands for testing
  • Ships out to Evocati for testing now
    • Headlights working now as well as ship bed logout functionality with persistence in that location
  • First pass of Item 2.0 items balance
  • Created a new light group so players can control their ships headlights/spotlights
  • Lead engineers have been working on performance related issues to improve the traversal experience
  • Working on the quantum travel VFX: switched from a state based system to a velocity driven system
  • Implemented dynamic nav points so inner nav points around a planet are created dynamically when it's targeted
  • Closed a lot of control and stability issues relating to grav lev vehicles and ensured they played nice with the atmospheric flight fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the streaming system stopped updating by switching from absolute server time to frame delta time
  • Working on displaying radar and scanning gameplay to provide information, control and feedback via the UI
  • Starmap is PTU-ready. 1 fix will go in after PTU is launched to be done before 3.0 Live.
  • Mission Manager has been PTU-ready for 2-3 weeks. A few more fixes will go in between PTU and 3.0 Live.
  • Successful evocati tests with 60 players in a server. Successful internal tests with 128 players in a server.
  • Most of the crashes and disconnects have been fixed. The remaining ones are rare and very difficult to reproduce - more players will help track these down.
  • A lot of optimization work has been done - for instance limiting which ships were being updated at any given time to ships in your vicinity or mission-critical ships. IFCS updates are large and taxing.
  • Ripped out net serialize from two of the last three systems that used this old CryEngine tech. Replaced with CIG’s serialized variables. Last system is being worked on and then net serialize can be discarded entirely.
  • Performance is much better recently with essentially all areas having at least a steady 30 FPS. Most areas higher, into the 40s and 50s.
  • 179 issues last Friday, now on initial PTU push.

Courtesy of Relay

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